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Nice enough morning in La Paz, though I don’t feel inclined for any adventures today…

:smile: Funny how the Otto cycle principle works fine with any internal combustion engine, including non-reciprocals. Can’t find an emoji with a big enough grin for this one, nice!

None of ours, yet, though might be of interest that our latest FCOM update includes some supplementary procedure notes for DAC engines manual start. Might mean something for the near future (?). Best combination we have at the moment is the 5B7 w/TI on our two A319-115 (the “La Paz specials”).

Supposedly these DAC units will produce some significant fuel savings, and as airlines are an exercise in how many pennies you can save extrapolated over X period time for the investment, I expect we’d be getting it, sooner or later.

shrug - Don’t know anymore than that, for now! :slight_smile:



I live under a jetway (or two) and the only aircraft I can positively identify at 30,000ft with the Mk1 eyeball is the A380. There’s just no mistaking them.


Yeah, 10% fuel saving IIRC. I know the infrastructure is ready. The question is really “when”. I think a lot of retrofitting will be done by most airliners during overhaul once it’s out!


Good grief, guys! The things you make me do, even if the mission is ultimately a “failure”.

Reference this post here on the site, first.

So, yes. I’ve flown over Nazca once before. Our routes from Lima to La Paz or Santa Cruz usually do not take us anywhere near them. Once before, at night leaving Lima, we had an ASHTAM and diverted south to circumvent the area, and overflew the Nazca area. Not much to see, in the dark.

Cut to this morning. La Paz, El Alto Airport by the dawn’s light…

Our mount for today has a deferred No.1 Generator, limiting our altitude to a maximum of 33,500 ft, by the MEL. For the route track, that meant we’d be at FL320.

We also had an ASHTAM of the Sabancaya volcano, roughly along the route, beyond Juliaca. It has been in some strombolic activity recently, off and on. Here’s the original route…

Being strombolic, and not of very high intensity, we chanced it as far as Juliaca to see what we could see…

However, in the distance, we could make out a plume of ash (right of the picture)…

The ash plume was apparently up to about FL350, and was indeed straddling the route. I grabbed the potential of the occasion, of course! Opportunities being few to practice our escape routes IRL, we spoke to Lima, PIREP’ed the observation, and activated the secondary flight plan (which contained our escape route from Juliaca). I modified it a little so that it would take us over Nazca, on UT224 (naughty, very naughty) for your “recon” benefit :grin: .

Nazca is at the ESIRA WP.

It was a fine experience to see the sights of our escape route first hand, to start with…

Foreground, El Fraile Lagoon. Left, Salinas Lagoon, and the Pichupichu volcano. Center, that perfect little strato-cone volcano, Misti, and to its right, Chachani. Our escape route flies along V-14, between Misti and Chachani. The city of Arequipa is just beyond Misti.

Want to see Misti a little closer?

Yeah, it is active, too. By this time we were abeam and well clear of Sabancaya…

Time to think about seeing those Nazca lines!

60 miles out from ESIRA, time to start scanning ahead to pinpoint Nazca…

30 miles out…

Nazca! The lines should be in the center of the shot, to the right of that gully that bends to the north…

I don’t think I see no monkeys or humming birds :unamused:

What a load of BS about them being plainly visible from space, about them being signals to extraterrestrials so they know where to land. I didn’t see doodley squat squat from 32,000 ft. Heck, maybe Martians have better eyesight than us, or something, but if you can see what looks like any huge drawings there, you are a better man that I, Gunga Din!

Myth busted. :wink: Sure, they must be there, and if you fly much lower, you might see them. I’ll go take the aerial tourist excursion, next time.

LOL! Hope you enjoyed what must be some of the most desolate looking scenery ever posted on Mudspike!


I have the strangest urge to quit my job, become a pilot, and move to western South American right now…


Me too…! What a great report from @Cygon_Parrot - and nice pics…! That sure is some lumpy terrain down there. I have to admit, I don’t have to often scan NOTAMS for volcanic activity between my usual haunts…!



Fun flying in Alaska?!

@Cygon_Parrot, how cool, that is the region I currently am exploring in XP10!!! That is looking gorgeous! Are you guys hiring MX right now? :wink:


Played around with my new(ish) lens last Saturday (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L):

I’ve had this for a few months now but only used it as a portrait lens. Nothing exciting but it’s cool to see a bee in so much detail


Awesome, is that a 1 or 0.5 macro? Used to be into all that with an old SLR (that I still have), but the advent of early, rather “crumby” and unsatisfactory digital photography cameras, coupled with the disappearance of film developers (here where I am, at least) caused it to become an abandoned hobby years ago. Can’t remember much of it, now, but…

Great shot!


The lens is capable of 1:1, this photo is pretty close to it. I was no more than ~35cm from the bee when I took it.
It’s the first time I tried to do this. Not easy when the subject is constantly moving. Conditions where not ideal either, constant change of lighting (clouds&sun), no ringflash… I would have liked to use an aperture of f/8 to get a bit more depth, but it would have been too dark even if I increased ISO and decreased shutter speed. Can’t go too low on the latter with fast moving insects.

I definitely need more practice :slight_smile:



Loved Alaska, was great to get out of the heat!

The first picture is actually over Yosemite, the beach was in Hawaii but the rest are from my Alaska trip.


Recognized Half Dome…got engaged on top of that…!


@BeachAV8R That’s great! Going up there is definitely on my to-do list but it’s just not in the cards for this year.


Hitting some single track in Lorton, VA…



Nice! I recently took my commuter out onto some trails. Lots of fun but let’s just say 28mm road tires and sandy ground on a descent don’t mix well, I had to stop several times xD

Anyway, it doesn’t really feel like summer atm:


Loving life when your Argentinian neighbors have a cookout…

Back home now…5 lbs. heavier and put a dent in the D.C. area Modelo Especial inventory…