Where You Are Photos


OMG. That grill has “GO BIG OR GO HOME” written all over it LOL! Hamburgers and sausages would fall right through the cracks. :smiley:


Went to the Great White North (Canada) this weekend. In this case, along the Lake Huron shore on the Ontario side and the southwest portion of Georgian Bay. Got to see some nice sunsets, shoreline and a waterfall. I had to sacrifice some trigger time in Insurgency/DoI and ARMA 3, but it was worth it.


You aren’t kidding. It is a home made brick oven type grill. He (Jorge) is an expert grill master and has a bed of coals beneath the meats that has graduated heat from left to right…so he keeps the meats where ever on the grill that is required at the time. And he feeds small slices of oak wood onto the coals at intervals to add some smoke. His true secret though is the Dos Anclas BBQ salt he uses. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t marinated the meat…he says this salt just melts into the meat as it’s cooking.


There are some places of the world where I’ve actually gone…man…I feel like I’m IN an Arma world (minus the shooting. (usually)…LOL…)



Rockies? Wyoming?


Colorado. View from the backyard of the family home in Boulder:

Tomorrow we head to Breckenridge.



Had a visit to a military museum, where am I?




Nah, my F-111 pics were from Dayton. This place has got 1000% more natural light than anything that exists at the National Museum of the Air Force.

Nationaal Militair Museum in the Netherlands perhaps?


Oh that reminds me, I haven’t been back there in almost a decade!


Ding ding ding. Near_blind’s correct


Had a couple of Hawks playing overhead this morning

These where taken with my phone. I have a couple taken with my SLR and I will try to get them transferred.


And closer inspection reveals they are armed with gun pods unless I am mistaken


Surprised my son with a Wave-Runner ride today. I gotta admit, it was pretty fun blasting around at 50 mph…


Cool dudes!



Noice! Boats are the ultimate symbol of prestige worldwide I’d say! :grin: Out of curiosity, do you guys need a “Pleasure Craft Operators Card” down there in the US like us Canadians?


No…they let any idiot (me included) sign a waiver and blast off at 50 mph. And heck…I was doing 52 mph on the little 110HP model…they rent a 140HP one too…