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My plan for the night. Subject to change of course…


Maybe I should try to trace a picture of my Citation on Flight Aware between TRI and RDU… :rofl:


I don’t think our patient wants to fly this route…




Not being one to build stuff very often, I’m quite happy with this awning thing I built over my patio. It’s 20 feet wide/10 feet deep. We just put a couple of 10 foot square “California Shades” (is what Amazon calls ‘em) on today …

That little privacy fence I built on the left side there was worth it alone. :slight_smile:


That looks great! Way better than anything I could have put together. Very nicely done!


How were they? Seeing them in a couple of weeks.


Really good, they sound great live and they had to have played like 80% of their catalog. I’m not the most involved fan, but I recognized songs off Out of the Storm, Ivy Tripp and Cerulean Salt.

I found it funny I couldn’t understand like 90% of what Katie Crutchfield was saying when she wasn’t singing or thanking the crowd (or asking for whiskey). She spoke quietly and quickly.


Looks like a nice oasis there… We have three of those triangle sun shades thing over our back patio area. They are great… We had a wind storm that tore one corner of one, and last year I was lazy and left them up during the winter. Well, a freak snowstorm loaded one up and it actually pulled the 6 x 4 x 10 pole out of the ground…LOL…


Screw the triangle sun shades. The first time my wife told me she found some nice 10 foot “sails” I thought “coool … 10 foot squares!” NOT! 10 foot triangles are useless.

Thank you Amazon for having 10 foot square “sails”!

Ya gotta take your sails down for the winter Beach. :slight_smile:



…and then he said, “hold my beer”, jumped on the wild mustang’s back…and he was never heard from again…


I need to put up some sun shades at the brewery next week, and the triangles seem to popular atm. After @Linebacker’s comments, I’m wondering if it’s a case of aesthetics vs functionality.


They look pretty cool if you layer and angle them in my opinion. The feng shui purists might rather have squares that all align…but I do like the overlapping triangles… (example below - not my house!)


Is Kai wearing Darth Vader sunglasses? If not that is one heck of an optical illusion.



Even more so now … we picked up a little sectional over at Walmart …

Very comfortable … Beverly Hills Chihuahua there seems to like it. :slight_smile: I’m not really one to chill out and do nothing for any length of time but that’s what my wife and I did for about an hour today. Beautiful temperature and breeze up here these days …


Not home. At 3AM. Ugh.


When you are out flying but still thinking about your Air Hauler company…


What’s the FBO frequency again? :sunglasses::


I felt like I should have had a roll of $1 bills when I exited my airplane…