Where You Are Photos


Forgive me if I’m way off here …



The never ending 2am Waffle House search…



From earlier this week. Crossing the Amazon.

It’s a tough assignment but somebody has to do it…


What a view!


Did someone say hops?

Taste testing the Gray Man Stout. IMO, fairly balanced between coffee and chocolate, with a slight lean towards coffee. Needs another week of fermenting/carbonation, but the essence of a good beer is evident.


Is that Leblon?


Close, I’m at Copacabana Beach.


Is that one perchance named for the famous hurricane - predicting ghost of Pawleys Island?


Ah! It’s been 13 years, so the memory is a bit fuzzy. :slight_smile:

I need to go back there.


Right you are sir. Hopefully, his spirit will want to keep safe his namesake brew :slight_smile:




“This… is a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball. You got it?”


I love minor league baseball. Not as crowded, food options are better, and they don’t reach into your wallet to take money while you are sitting down. Just a better experience over all.




I improved that second one for you. You can thank me later.



A few more from Rio De Janeiro. I really haven’t done much of the tourist thing this week, but at least I made it up to the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue. I’m not at all a religious man, but the statue was very impressive both in size (almost 100 feet tall) and the location. Building the statue at that location was a feat in itself. The view from up there was also absolutely stunning.


Did you abseil off it like they did on the Amazing Race? LOL… (I might be mis-remembering that that actually happened…)


Where are those? Alps? Looks like something the Tour de France would climb…