Can’t wait to try these out this evening…

https://widmovr.com/ prescription inserts or just the sexy t-shirt? :slight_smile:


Prescription inserts for my blind head. I’ll be interested to see how they do. I have near sightedness to a pretty strong degree and astigmatism in my left eye. I hate wearing glasses with my Rift, but that is preferable to contact lenses which aren’t as good as glasses. So I finally broke down and ordered a set of inserts after my recent eye exam. I’ll report back when I try them out when I get home tonight. :nerd_face:

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…aaaaaaand…that was a flop. :cry:

My right eye was perfect. My left eye was blurry. I don’t know where the breakdown occurred. I have the prescription printed straight from my eye doctor - so I’ll be visiting them tomorrow with the WidmoVR lenses to see what they have to say about it. Of greater concern to me is that I have a pair or real glasses on the way (almost $400) with the SAME prescription, so if was a typo on the prescription I will be screaming bloody murder in the eye doctor’s office.

Sigh. I hate it when simple things aren’t simple.


If it’s quite far out is it possible a + or - got inverted on the prescription or Widmo? My wife once had 180 days of single use contact lens where that happened (SPH I think, but CYL wouldn’t be good either).

It is either a discrepancy in the prescription or in the manufacturing. I’m actually leaning toward the eye doctor having screwed up the transcribing of the prescription. On the day I visited this eye doctor (my first visit as I’m searching for a new eye doctor), the doctor was training a new doctor. I got a copy of my eyeglass prescription specifically to order both regular glasses and VR inserts:

Of interest - when I submitted the order to WidmoVR - I received this e-mail from them…which raised my suspicions, but not enough for me to go back to the eye doctor because I had the physical copy of the prescription in front of me, which I took a photo of, and forwarded to WidmoVR:

"Hi Christopher,

We’ve noticed that your CYL prescription values have different signs for both eyes (negative & positive).

OD(right eye) -6.25 -0.50 x 180
OS(left eye) -6.25 +2.50 x 180

As it’s very rare please confirm that it wasn’t a mistake so you don’t spend money needlessly.
Please let us know in case of any questions."

I’m gonna be pretty mad if my new (possibly already “old”) eye doc screwed up the prescription…


On your contact lenses does it say your CYL value already? I thought that value was for astigmatisms (basically bumps or caves that bring the sphere from uniform), so that +2.50 is a magnification that counts against the near sighted sphere correction you have of the -6.25. One interesting way to test to see if they got the +/- the wrong way around on the +2.50 is to try the right inset in the left eye if possible - if it’s better than the left eye you got then it got spec’d the wrong way I guess.


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Been wearing contacts since I was 16 so I object to that statement. I have similar eyesight to you but I can’t believe your’s is worse! I thought I was blind LOL! I even wear bifocal contacts now. Anyway, I fear your left eye cylinder should be -2.50. Hopefully not but I have a similar astigmatism.


I think you may be right:

“Nowadays the majority of labs, including ours, cut lenses in the negative (-), and require that any positive (+) cylinder prescriptions be converted into the negative (-) equivalent. Rest assured this conversion does not alter the type or quality of the vision correction that your doctor prescribed you. The conversion will affect (change) the SPH, CYL, and AX parameters in your prescription, but will result in the exact same vision correction you were fit for by your doctor.”

I don’t know that +2.50 necessarily converts to just -2.50…there might be some other process to get it there. Interesting that WidmoVR caught that early, but still did it after reading my prescription.

Hmmm…checking out my OLD contact lenses (from a couple years ago) the left eye (astigmatism eye) is showing (D) -5.50 CYL -2.25 AXIS 170

So yeah…something is amiss in funky town. I really hope the eyeglass manufacturers caught the error before the ground those :roll_eyes:

Here I am stepping on better advice’s toes. That’s a great idea.

Yep. The right lense on the left eye is way better…not perfect (as it shouldn’t be)…but definitely more in the ballpark. I’m going to have an interesting conversation with my doctor tomorrow to ask why they wrote it as a positive value. Sigh.

Roger that.

Just got back from my eye doctor. She verified they made a transcription error on my left eye prescription, entering +2.50 for the cylinder instead of -2.50…so that was definitely the cause. I wrote to WidmoVR and am having them do a new set of inserts. I will pay full price for them and bill my optometrist for the cost (we’ll see how that goes). I’m more interested in my $500 glasses that should be arriving any day now that probably have the wrong prescription. :roll_eyes:

My optometrist heard a big of Mean BeachAV8R this morning…that’s for sure…I was pretty hot about it.

So it will probably be a couple weeks before I can post up my thoughts on the WidmoVR lenses. Or I can give you how great they are from the right eye perspective only…



They can just swap the wrong lens, at a cost, of course. But you won’t have to buy completely new glasses.

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Sorry to hear that Beach - that sucks. I bought some VR Lens Lab spectacles for use with my Rift and i was nervous as hell getting the script for it, interpupil distance etc as they were not cheap. Thankfully they work.

Hope your next set are right - only downside i found with specs vs contact is the specs fog up when its a bit warm. I haven’t been brave enough to try an anti-fog spray on them.

That really is annoying. I hope you get it properly sorted out.

I just hooked up my Rift for the first time last night but I imagine I’ll need something similar in the future so curious to see how it turns out.

To piggy back on this thread, any recommendations on a face liner replacement?

So just an update on this - right before I went on vacation to Australia I sent my lenses back to WidmoVR and they expedited the manufacturing and fixing of the lens that I had provided the wrong prescription for.

Since this is a bit of a thread bump…let me say that again, they made the initial lenses based on a faulty prescription I provided them that my eye doctor screwed up. The customer rep at WidmoVR (Pawel) was super nice and they redid the lens for minimal cost (which I will pass along to my eye doctor) and they are fantastic! I love them and it is sooooo much more comfortable putting on the VR headset without glasses on.

I highly recommend the company for the quality of the lenses and the superb customer service. They really did a great job responding to my difficulties…


Dunno if you ever got answered, but for me the VRcovers velours are the best.

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I’ve read a few reports now of people with the new Samsung Odyssey’s scratching their headset lens while putting the unit on if they wear glasses, so this Black Friday offer of 20% off might be good for some people here:


I think @BeachAV8R has dealing with them and seems happy, although they ship from Poland or something?

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