X-Plane 11 Screens



That’s agood point near_blind, I shouldn’t expect everything without dropping on those weather adds, which I won’t do out of principle. For now.


Stupid question but I’m going to ask. Been a while since I’ve flown X-Plane 10. Now the question: Is X-Plane 11 an upgrade-stand alone product which you must pay for? Or is it a free upgrade to those who already own X-Plane 10?


New paid stand-alone. It doesn’t upgrade the 10 install, it’s a fresh piece of software.


Yeah - stand-alone product. There is a demo though that you should try just to see how it performs and looks. It is highly recommended to give it a whirl first…



Thanks guys. One last question if I may; I have several modules (aircraft) for X-Plane 10, anyone hearing of problems with those modules working with X-Plane 11? I’m assuming my aircraft from X-Plane 10 will work with X-Plane 11, correct?


Oh…that’s the combo of XP11 + SkyMaxx Pro 4 + Real Weather Connector + NOAA weather plug-in + Ventura Sky. Kind of a stupid Jenga tower of add-ons that I hate to install…but it is what it is. Default clouds are not bad though…they got better recently.

I’m not quite ready to hop on the X-Enviro train yet. That’s a lot of money for non-volumetric clouds and some other limitations. I heard through the grapevine that a SkyMaxx Pro 5 version might be coming down the pipe soon…allegedly free to those that already purchased SkyMaxx Pro 4.




Can someone fill me in on X-Plane 11 and VR please?
Does Flyinside work? Will Austin make XP11 VR compatible?


FlyInside XP (there are two editions, and if you own FlyInside FSX/P3D you don’t own FlyInside XP sadly) works well. It’s best at the moment for VFR flights, as some of the X-Plane native ‘pop up’ windows you need for IFR (FMS, Map, ATC maybe) don’t work as yet. The FI author is planning an update to fix that in April, so hopefully not long. As I’ve packed my TrackIR away, I really only use XP11 with FlyInside and VR now. It has it’s own type of ASW so it makes for a smooth 90 fps, even in XP.

Austin has said they are working on native VR support, but not sure for when. My best guess it will be more than 6 months (about 2 months ago) so it was worth it to use FlyInside till then. The author of FlyInside did some clever stuff with frame rates and custom interpolation, and I have my doubts the native VR support will be as good (given X-Planes track record on frame rates being important :vr:) .

FlyInside has a 15 minutes fully functional demo flight time limit, which lets you get a really good idea of how well it’ll work on your system and how well it works - if you try it you’ll probably buy it though :slight_smile:


So, question from a combat-sim scrub here-

I like single-seater fast jets, but I also think flying “correctly” (following VFR/IFR rules, making a flight plan, following routes and corridors, etc) is really cool.

Would X-plane let me say, do a realistic hop from Edwards AFB to LAX in an F-104 or Phantom?


Thanks @fearlessfrog!
Sounds like FI works well enough…
Guess I just have to jump right in and try it out. :slight_smile:


It is worth a go for sure. The April update is also due to add Touch support, which might be fun.

One tip is that if you want to switch between ‘2D’ and the use of FlyInside XP then on when going back to 2D/Non-Rift in XP11 Display Options just hit the ‘Reset FOV/View’ buttons in the various sections. FlyInside FSX/P3D sets the values temporarily, but for XP11 it seems you have to switch back the FOV when not using FlyInside manually - it confused me at first but makes sense now I know.


[EDIT] I was severely mistaken. XP11 is pretty snazzy.


Not so fast on the Kodiak, unless you enjoy barbequed brake pads and rubber (low idle too powerful). Yeah, so is the F-35, DHC-6, TBM-850, x737, etc. But the platform is so improved that I’m willing to wait for these to get updated.

The Phenom 100 is sure awesome in XP11 though.



That’s some serious detail on that Cessna…!


Carenado does some incredible work.


In case anyone was wondering…yes…it’s possible…



Just barely enough room to turn around using the water rudders and some bursts of power…I think I heard the Park Police sirens…

On the step and accelerating toward the Lincoln Memorial…

Not sure what the minimum departure climb gradient is on the Reflecting Pond 1 departure procedure…but we made it…!

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