X-Plane 11 Screens


How’s the water in xp11? Crazylike xp10 when real weather is on?


Not much fetch in the reflecting pond…lol…

I haven’t much messed with the seaplanes in XP11. I reeeeeally miss Epoch flying…it’s where the seaplane flying is at!


Know what’s cool? - that’s the stock X-Plane 11 Cessna 172…not an add-on… :thumbsup:


Oh wow. Now that the new system is built I’ll be getting xp11.

Was hoping laminar would be selling discs by now but I guess I’m going digital version. Disc version from aerosoft costs $20 more +shipping and takes like 2 weeks to receive.


Very nice. I’m loving that Washington XP scenery. So much detail. Night flights around DC are amazing with all of the iconic sites lit. And the AI traffic on the bridges and around town is wonderful to watch.


haha, dvd’s now available on x-plane site. Initial thoughts: I am loved.

Of course, then I checked the shipping cost and nearly had a heart attack. Minimum 17$ USD shipping and could take a month! haha, ouch.

digital download it is.


What are these Disc things you speak of? :wink: . I can’t remember the last time I bought a game on disc.


@BeachAV8R hey, are you using the hd mesh with xp11, or did you stick with stock? I hear it’s kind of a toss-up at the moment, as one has newer data but the other is slightly more complete since they use different things.


question is open to anyone else using XP11 too, I just can’t remember who does regularly.


I’ve got the UHD v1 and HD v3 installed based on what was the prevailing trend during the beta, but I suppose that might have changed. Would mean a lot bigger download of the product though, and I haven’t seen that. @BeachAV8R will probably need to add his $.02.


Well I mean, I’ve already downloaded the whole thing, because bourgeois like that. And I’ve got my old hd mesh in my xp10 install that I’d just port over with the custom scenery (I’m just going to copy paste the xp10 custom scenery into 11, I’m not searching for all new files again obviously).

But if I don’t need the HD mesh anymore, that’d be a huge space saver for sure, ya. I mean, I still have space (primary drive is 500gb, so between OS, my baseball sim, and x-plane I’ve got enough room (for now). But still.


Good point. So, maybe HD not needed, but UHD if available. Let’s wait for the experts to chime in.


I’m no expert - I just moved my HD and UHD mesh from my XP10 directories to my XP11 directory and called it a day. I didn’t do any comparison shopping unfortunately, so it could very well be that the default is as good.


This brings back some memories of when I was a kid and used to ride my bicycle to Washington National to watch airplanes takeoff and land…


I have similar memories, but in a DC-9 with a hockey stick on the tail :slight_smile: I haven’t been to Dulles in ages. I’m assuming that they don’t use the mobile lounges (on stilts) for remote gates? Speaking of the good old days, I saw a catering truck back into an L-1011 horizontal stabilizer, which ruined everyone’s day, and…an L-1011 blow over a catering truck with thrust while the catering truck was at full height. Fortunately, no one was injured, which is a miracle because food an beverage carts can be really heavy. There was a dude inside, but he emerged unscathed.


Do you have the global scenery for those areas installed as well?


Yes I do. But I didn’t d/l the whole enchilada. Left out most of Asia and some other places that I don’t regularly fly, not that I won’t get to them eventually. Like you said, it’s a space issue.


Yeah…same thing. For those areas outside of the U.S., I only use the alpilotx mesh if is available. There have been times when I’ve been writing an article and spawned into just water - which is a clue I need to install something. LOL…


Thinking I may just delete the global scenery for the places I have HD mesh.


Kinda derailing this thread, but any idea why when I add extra planes (e.g. Carenado B58) they have no image in the aircraft select menu? No model image, no livery images when swapping.

edit: Some of them do. The x-Crafts e-175 does for example, as does the RWDesign Twotter…

Is it because they’re XP10 models?