X-Plane 11 Screens


:joy: Love it!


What’s the saying? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades?


The runway has a zero average gradient thanks to the positive and negative ones all the way through :wink:


I landed on the runway. Not my fault X-Plane physics decided I didn’t have the brakes to fight the 30 degree horizontal incline and sent the plane into the ditch.


Know how to make yourself unloved? Only bring 13 of the seasons… That’s called leveraging the price for the last season delivery. Old Air Hauler trick…

(Awesome video…!)



These will look so much better when I get the Arizona Orthophotos installed.


Payware aircraft, but free scenery. Amazing.

Phenom 100 over KSAN

Over North Georgia, USA


Phenomenal ! ;).


A few from this evening…

Stock scenery… I might have accidentally pulled the trigger on X-Enviro :wink: .






Picked the Carenado B1900D today. Very nice indeed. Look forward to some M.A.D jobs in this beast.

SE departure out of KPDK


Nice choice…! Good looking bird…


Haven’t played XP11 in quite a while.
Is there stock scenery above 70°N now?

If not: which ones were the good add-on sceneries for Norway and Greenland again?


I few more testing out X-Enviro and the XP11 version of the Carenado King Air B200. I ended up buying it (again), because, well, after a little over 1800 hours in type, I’m still a King Air driver at heart… :slight_smile:

@BeachAV8R, just wondering how many thousands of hours you have in the B200 now? I’m guessing a lot!


We actually don’t fly that much - so it isn’t that much. We fly just the right amount LOL…


I’ve been eyeballin’ that B1900D! I’ve been a PAX on them out of CYYZ a few times. As a taller fella, I really enjoy the headroom in those small regional’s. Funny thing is that the B1900 pilots always looked like they were about 18 years old LOL! ESPECIALLY one time around Christmas they were both wearing Santa hats … I was thinking whoa those kids look young! I guess they get the experience in the smaller aircraft first?

I’ll definitely be getting that Carenado version … they did a great job.

Anyway, I’m new to X-Plane (11) so I downloaded the free CYYZ, CYTZ and Toronto Skyline scenery from x-plane.org. The scenery is about five years old and construction in Toronto has been relentless since but it still looks pretty, pretty good! …

I took this pic yesterday …

Without trying too hard, here it is in X-Plane 11 …


Man, that fifth shot down is spectacular, Paul. In fact they are all good. Will take a closer look at Ex-Enviro.

Eyeball it a bit more. For your review @Linebacker , a few additional screens. I did a short hop from KRDU to KCLT last night to check out the systems, and found her to be true to her lineage. In other words, another superb aircraft from Beech. She climbs very much like a B200 without PAX, but feels maybe a bit more solid in cruise. In other words, the B1900D trims out for hands-off flying amazingly well.

Loving the terrain reflections on the bottom of various surfaces.

In the unlikely event that we are forced to ditch over water, please remove the life vest from the seat-back pocket in front of you. Place the vest over your head and connect the strap around your waist. Your vest can be inflated by either pulling the red tabs at the bottom, or by blowing into the tubes on the sides. Lights on the vest will be activated automatically That is unless Sully is your Capt. In that case, order another bloody Mary and kindly leave your luggage upon exiting the aircraft.

Why settle for a GNS 430, when you can have a 530? :slight_smile:


Stunning shots Dan! The 1900 never struck me as a beautiful aircraft, but it’s growing on me.

Btw, X-Enviro really is something special. That 5th shot you mentioned in my previous post was taken while on a quick hop from KLAS to KCRQ. I had the autopilot on in the cruise and had to leave the computer for about 15 - 20 minutes. When I came back, the view was amazing. There are pros and cons to X-Enviro. You can’t tailor the weather conditions to your specific needs. If you want to shoot an approach to minimums you have to find somewhere in the world where the weather is lousy at that time. In some ways though, that is a good thing. You have to plan your flights in a more realistic manner, i.e. get a weather brief from a real world source. It is going to change how I fly in X-Plane as I am going to have to look at it in a more realistic manner. It’s starting to sound more like my day job :wink: .