X-Plane 11 Screens


I’m really not sure what you are referring to.


$70 US for X-Enviro?! You sir are one evil SOB @PaulRix! Oh, I finally get your profile picture now. :grin:


LOL, you are only just catching on? I have a reputation to maintain :wink: .

I thought long and hard about X-Enviro. I went with it in the end because I preferred the overall look, with varied clouds out to the horizon. With Skymaxx Pro 4, you don’t get that. There are of course things that Skymaxx does better, so I think it really comes down to personal preference. With regard to the cost, yes, it is a very expensive addon, but if you take Skymaxx and the Real Weather Connector as a bundle, X-Enviro is just an additional $10. While I am not going to hard sell it to anyone, I will say that I don’t feel any buyer’s remorse.


Waiting for activesky. Only thing that I’ve really considered spending $$ on for weather.


Is AS going to develop for X-Plane…? My memory is short…




I picked up xEnviro last night because I am a flight sim add-on w–re :slight_smile: I’d like to blame that on @PaulRix, but since we are all here for therapy, I felt it better to be honest about the matter.

Here are a few screens with the default settings, departing from default KPIT (no ortho), which was reporting 10k overcast. When I climbed out, the bottom cloud layer pretty much matched METARS.

Edit: I notice in the 1st and 2nd shot that the ceiling looks a lot lower. I’m not sure if that was actually the case, but when I turned to the S and climbed, I didn’t really go IMC until around 10k.


Nice shots Dan. I hope you like X-Enviro as much as I do.


Thanks Paul. So far it seems to be an improvement over SMP and the default weather engine. I began flying real weather a couple of months ago, and really prefer that over rolling my own. So not an issue. Will be interesting when AS is released to compare all of them.


Maybe Active Sky will be better, but I’m sure that X-Enviro won’t be sitting on their hands between now and when AS releases. If it proves to be significantly better, I might be tempted to switch, but we will see. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been any news on the XP version of AS other than the announcement that they will be working on one. It’s probably months away at the earliest.


…but you’re landing backwards. :wink: Most of the time the air traffic coming into KSAN is coming in from the other direction. Makes for some great scenery on the approach, as you fly over Balboa Park, downtown, and the Midway.


Wind is a pain in the ass.


xEnviro roadmap

Version 1.1

WIP	Wind and turbulence re-evaluation & adjustment
Completed	Blending of cloud intersection with terrain
WIP	Lookup and report current weather conditions
WIP	Cloud textures
WIP	X-Plane Rayleigh scattering and Fog deviation cutoff sliders
WIP	Clouds representation
WIP	General atmosphere tweaking

Version 1.2

New Event	Clouds volumetrics
New Event	Crepuscular rays
New Event	Variable volumetric haze
New Event	Visible precipitation volume


Lots of MAJOR WIP’s and New Event’s there! I’m glad I haven’t dropped $70US (about $87 CDN) on xEnviro yet. That price is ludicrous.


LOL! Only on landings though! Any other time, may the wind be always at your back. :slight_smile:


And when landing may it always be on your nose. A headwind isn’t a bad thing if you are landing on a short runway.


Couldn’t resist… the VSkylabs DC3. She’s beautiful :heart_eyes:




No worries, Denzel could land that with his eyes closed and one arm tied behind his back. :wink:


And six vodkas…