X-Plane 11 Screens




The Velocity V-Twin - it’s about as good an airplane as you can get for X-Plane 11 right now in the piston category…just fantastic…


Oh boy, we have two X-Plane Screen threads going now … both sporting X-Plane 11 content. Here’s the other one …

Should they get merged or what? It’s like living in a parallel universe. :slight_smile:


Hopefully that did it…! If I break something while @fearlessfrog is away, he will revoke my parking card…


I’m not seeing any merging going on. :slight_smile: The title changed to “X-Plane 11 Screens” though, which is a falsification.

You might want to keep your day job too Beach. :grin:


It didn’t merge them?



Pretty good (I guess) but you’re missing a huge chunk between Sept 15th and today.


Hmm…I don’t know where those could have gone. Are we sure there were posts between those dates?


LOLZ! That’s over a months worth of content on the X-Plane 11 Screen thread so yes. :slight_smile:

Are you trying to do this on your cell phone while piloting an aircraft by any chance?


Ah…well, aren’t they up near the top…for some reason the September posts are there…but they are up near the top…


Yeah…it looks like it put September in with the September of LAST year posts oddly enough…like it sorted them by month, but not year. So they are all there…but not truly chronologically. I don’t know if that is a bug…or something I did…


For instance…Paul’s recent post is way up as #35 for some reason…


And I think originally the intent was to have X-Plane and X-Plane 11 screens separate for awhile since the 11 thread was more of a “look what this does” thread. I’m not sure that everyone has migrated to 11 at this point…so actually the “X-Plane” thread might have been a better title… :thinking:


@fearlessfrog will sort it out when he gets back. No worries. That’s why you pay him the big bucks.


He’s endlessly amused (well…maybe that isn’t the word) at how I find new ways to break things. I’m sure he’s making a Discourse User Manual that is all pictures since I can’t seem to read very well. Like a Denny’s menu…


I started this thread because XP11 was quite a bit different in the interface and environmental effects. I thought that it might be time to “move on”. But I’m good with what the brain trust feels is in our best interest.


Are we allowed to post XP-10 screens in here as well? I’m one of those plebs that doesn’t have 11 and desperately needs a computer upgrade.

On the other hand, I still play 15 year old games a lot…


Certainly…maybe I can just change the title to X-Plane Screens - oh dear…the entire site might disappear though…


One of my favorite approaches to fly when testing stuff in sims. Eagle, CO (KEGE) made an impression on me as a young jet copilot when it handed me my lunch. Actually handed US our lunch (my Captain was as lost as I was). Back then, it was a LOC/DME approach…and we could barely have screwed it up any more than we did. Lucky to have gotten through it.


That’s a scary place to lose SA. Kansas would be a far better choice if you are going to do that ;). Glad you were able to throw that one into your bag of experience though!