X-Plane 11 Screens


“Excuse me, MR. ATC. This is the jet that is totally not where it should be. Could you please guide us back to the runway?”


Loving the MU-2 again. One small bug appears to be that the engine ITTs appear to be running way low…but all the other power indications seem to be OK. The overhead panel could stand to be updated a tad with a bit more crisp lettering…and the sound effects are still somewhat bland, but it is still an awesome package and really smooth frames. My only other last request would be pilots in the cockpit…I’m still not a fan of ghost ships…


Any news on native VR for XP?


It’s hard to get much news on it. I read somewhere that it would be 11.20beta but that was not from anybody ar LR.


Well, the really good news about the current beta is the inclusion of control profiles. Very cool how you can now assign a profile to an aircraft, so you don’t have to load one when you switch aircraft.

In my struggle to select a suitable aircraft for MUDSPIKE Christmas 2017 trip, I had pretty much settled on the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended amphibian in P3DV4. In fact, I even flew the first leg.

But try as I may, I can’t get over how much better the terrain looks in XP11 with the free ortho photos layered on top. Also, as much as I like the AS for P3D weather applet, I prefer the overall look and feel of X-Enviro. In P3D, even with Orbx goodness, it’s hard not to feel like I’m in a simulator. In XP when I look out of the window, it looks real IMO. One looks painted, the other doesn’t. No contest really.

The trouble with XP11, because it was in beta for so long, there are still a lot of aircraft whom have small compatibility issues. The Carenado PC12 was my first choice for XP, but the annunciator panel has a number of lights that can’t be extinguished no matter the aircraft configuration. So still testing.


OK so XP 11 is on a Halloween sale 26% off. I think I will have to push the button on it

Are there any guides for idiots about please, also do you guys use a yoke for the bigger planes?


I was looking at it, but is this realy any deal? I am wondering why all the resellers have higher price than x-plane.com during the year!!? And during the sales period they are seling for almost the same as x-plane.

For example, x-plane.com has the price at $59.99 all the year and e.g. fspilotshop has a sale price at $59.99 !!??

I dont know, I am missing something probably…


That shot of the SWA 737 captures all the layers of flying at dusk. Nicely done!


I’ve never seen a SWA plane standings still. I’m pretty sure they boot the passengers out as they are rolling past the gate… :rofl: As an ex-freight pilot, it warms my heart to see the way they sometimes fly their aircraft…


Personally, I use a joystick for everything and it works great. No issue at all. I don’t think it’s “immersion breaking”, but opinions can differ. If you think that flying a 737 without a yoke is heresy, then you should probably buy one. I live just fine without.


I completely agree. I fly exclusively with yoke equipped aircraft at work…but when I come home and use my TM Warthog to fly everything from general aviation to heavy jets, I don’t feel there is a disconnect at all. I would recommend getting a split throttle controller of some type because it is nice to have control over separate engines for differential thrust in some cases.


Thanks guys. I have a proflight yoke and quadrant from when I flew TB3’s in IL2. But as I am a confirmed rotor head I am trying the chopper out first before I add more controllers. I have a modded collective and warthog hot as fitted atm


I have argued (usually unsuccessfully) with friends learning to fly NOT to buy a yoke. A stick is a more natural input method for flying machines. The habits developed either direction (stick to yoke to stick) are 100% natural for smaller airplanes. For jets, especially large ones, with a trimable stab, the learning from any non-FFB control system is arguably negative. Airliners fly so differently than sims that having an input method that looks like the real thing is only meaningful for appearances. Larger jets have weak elevators and powerful stabilizers. The yoke repositions with trim as the elevator streamlines with the stab. The only way to properly mimic this at home is with one of those super-expensive FFB yokes.

So as always, it comes down to preference. The difference really being that the stick works well enough with just about any flying machine. A yoke on the other hand is suitable for a narrow subset of things that fly and I believe is. at best, only par with a stick for that subset.


Hey @BeachAV8R, what scenery were you using in the Mu-2 shots above?


That’s Lufker-Spadaro (1N2)…a tiny little airport in New Jersey. Nimbus did a really nice job on that scenery…



NY actually but that’s the one I was looking for. Thanks!


Quite enjoying this. The chopper took some getting used too but I can take off fly around and land without issues :slight_smile:
Any tips on where to find the screenshots ?


While I agree that a stick is a better input device, I have to admit I am a little apprehensive at the prospect of flying with a sidestick from the left seat. That is going to take some getting used to.


I’ve got that scenery too, it’s my goto place for testing GA aircraft. Very fun to fly around!



C130 over Vietnam