X-Plane 11 Screens


The Just Flight Arrow is simply awesome…


Easy peasy, Man! It’s the brain that flies, not the hand!

What will you be flying that has a sidestick?


I imagine that it is, if the FSW version is any indication. I bought that when the default Cherokee didn’t show an RPM drop during run-up when throwing on carb heat. But the JF Arrow behaves and flies just like I remember my friend’s N98265 that we used to take trips to FL in. The FM is really good in that it likes to have a little power on all the way to the runway. In the video for the XP11 version, amazing how those seat fabric textures looked faded from sunlight and worn in the high wear areas. Lots of attention to detail.


Yeah… But my brain must tell my hands what to do, in order to control the damned thing. I have told my brain that the elevator trim wheel and throttles now are situated to my right and that the left hand, trained to perfection to do linear movements, now has to start moving in 3D space. But it’s as if my brain won’t listen to me, which wouldn’t be the first time… I even have trouble adapting to having the damn coffe mug to my left…!
I guess that’s what 17 years in the right seat does to you.
Flying leftie was never a problem in flightschool. :wink:


yoke? stick? how about this one? F-102


I’ll take the F-106. Oooh, or better yet inconspicuous photobombing Tomcat.


Do you stand inside and look through that black viewport? It’s an old school rift, except in a moving plan? You’re moving while moving? planeception?


For $41 it better be!


I have been sightseeing in Old London town, I grabbed the beta yesterday and hope native VR will be available soon. I got flyinside demo but to get to Christmas Island in 15 minute hops is undoable. And do I really want to spend 40$ on flyinside when native VR support is around the corner.


I have been trying out Ortho4XP and have a tile of my home town area. Its freakin amazing. The screenshot below is myself flying over the farm I worked on for 20 years :slight_smile: This X plane is exceptional

The fishing was great and the lumps and bumps you see across the road from the farm are the remains of a WWI and II AAA emplacements. Its called Gloucester Lodge named after the Duke of Gloucester was stationed there

The war also brought about the greatest spectacle Blyth would ever witness. It was an event that to the many that saw it would remain the most exciting day of their lives. The date was August 28th 1795. Seven thousand soldiers, from thirteen regiments of infantry and cavalry, in their finest and most colourful uniforms were lined up along the three-mile stretch of the links between Blyth and Seaton Sluice. At precisely seven o’ clock the Duke of York, Duke of Gloucester and other top brass rode on the sands along the entire line inspecting the troops. With the inspection over the army staged a grand display of manoeuvres, drilling and firing which lasted for four hours. Wallace states that 30,000 people witnessed the event. Soldiers were camped out in scattered fields near Blyth (although he was probably using Eneas McKenzie’s 1827 Historical Account as his source). The site where the Duke of Gloucester’s regiment camped is now marked by Gloucester Lodge Farm. The regiment became known as the Grenadier Guards following the Battle of Waterloo.

This one is where we live now, just on the nose is where our house is :slight_smile:


So I just came across this whilst searching for info on W2XP and Ortho4XP

Just some more shots of very early conceptional and proof of concept Netherlands in XP11 using Ortho2XP and Tony’s W2XP. This work was a predecessor to the FSX/P3D work we are doing for the Netherlands now. Apologies if this post originally gave the impression this was P3Dv4.

Which is very weird innit? It’s good enough to prototype in XP but not develop for it? That thread is quite funny to read when you realize people think it’s FSX/P3D.


I think its still about the player base. Same as with AirHauler. The developer abandoned the XP version because he complained about the lack of reasonable big player/buyer base…
I read it, about the AH, somewhere here on the forums.


I don’t think that rings true for FSX/P3D either. For over a decade now there’s been a freeware scenery called NL-2000. It started of with the visuals of FS2000, with blocky trees and a lot of repeating textures, but a few years ago they released a version that is using satellite and aircraft imagery, overlay’d with forests, tree lines, roads and landmark buildings.

So they’ve got a lot of fierce competition.

Later on in the thread ORBX CEO confirms that they are converting airport to XP, although no general scenery files like they do for FSX/P3D.


So… the PMDG DC6 has been calling me for awhile now, and finally I just couldn’t resist any longer.

It is a very different animal than the VSkyLabs DC3 (which is relatively very simple systems wise). I have fixed the rudder so that it moves correctly, and tried to tone down the reflection effect on the cockpit instruments. Does anyone know of a tweak to fix the props?



Flying out of KMUD?


No, that’s the pretty little Aerosoft Twenty-Nine Palms…beautiful area…


EV-55, nice. Saw it on the store but didnt realize it is czech Evektor. Now the OK-DRM in the cockpit made me curious.
How it is performing ingame?


I like it. I’m considering switching to it for the Christmas Flight. The panel has some gauges that aren’t really super high res…but overall (for the price $12), I think it is a fun little bird.


Continuing my classic Douglas airliner kick, I picked up the XP11 DC8 as part of the Michael Wilson complete package, which was a bargain on the recent X-Plane.org sale. It was actually cheaper to pick up the compilation than to buy the DC8 on it’s own. I haven’t had a chance to fly the 707 or Shorts Solent yet…