X-Plane 11 Screens



Tooling around in the Cessna 207 that @Chipwich gifted me last year…!


What are you carrying under those wings? Two CF6-80E1A4 engines I hope?! :wink:


Oh dear… :face_with_monocle:


violent eye twitching


This weekend XEnviro 1.08 was released, so I thought I would take it for a quick test flight, using the DA62…

The weather isn’t so great at Portland Oregon and I have recently installed MisterX’s scenery for that airport, so it seemed like a good choice. I planned to fly up to Boeing Field in Seattle, about 100nm to the North…

Off we go into the not so Blue Wide Yonder

As I am climbing out to the North, my left engine decides to catch fire. Probably user error as I seem to have this happen a lot with this aircraft.

Hmmm, well, Left Engine master to off, check the prop feathered, fuel selection lever to cut off Squawk 7700 and start making a plan to return to PDX…

I decided to shoot the GPS LPV approach to Rwy 10L. As I started my turn onto the final approach course I got quite a shock as I glanced out the windshield… Thanks World Traffic 3.0 and ATC :wink:

No time to worry too much about the airliner at this point. I dropped the gear and followed them in.

With the airport in sight I sidestepped to the parallel runway so that I didn’t have to worry about running into the back of the airliner.

Not the anticipated end to this flight, but it was fun to fly the scenario to it’s conclusion.

And another shot of Portland with the weather slightly better.

XEnviro 1.08 certainly has some rough edges, but then to counter that you can get some stunning scenes that make your jaw drop.


Nice screeners and scenario - I guess that demonstrates the upside of having two engines!


It’s always good to have a spare engine! :wink:


Always a relief when an island pops into view after a long flight with a point of no return…


What are you flying there Chris?


The superb VSkyLabs Tecnam P2006T…is is really, really nice…



One to add to my list then. :slight_smile:


Early morning flight from Anguilla to St Barts.

My Quest Kodiak, looking good on the ramp at TQPF - Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport.

It’s going to be a beautiful sunrise…

Our route takes us over to St Maarten for a quick look at the famous Princess Julianna International Airport (TNCM)

From there we turn directly towards St Barts, which is just a short hop away.

t’s a little hazy, but there is the runway.

Getting lined up…

Putting on a good show for the tourists, although that was maybe just a little too close for comfort.

But all’s well that ends well. Not my best approach and landing by far though.

After that landing I declare that it is 5 o’clock somewhere!.. lol.

Thranda’s Quest Kodiak is a really nice aircraft module, especially if you get the expansion pack. I picked up the scenery for St Barts from X-Palne.org today, which prompted this flight. It is a huge improvement over the stock scenery and well worth a look if you like island hopping in this part of the world. The TQPF scenery was free to download from the org by a fellow called nut-nut. It is fairly close to the real thing, if you can excuse the Air Alaska and Air France aircraft parked on the ramp (they must be lost I guess :wink: .

So, now I’m thinking about the RWDesigns-DHC6 Twin Otter, which would be perfect for this area. Anyone here have that aircraft?


From what I hear, it’s supposed to be… :wink:


Yes, and very much enjoy it. I have a friend who used to fly Twin Otters in the Caribbean for Eastern Metro and he loves it, especially in VR. He says that it performs pretty much by the numbers.


I loved the twotter in xp10. Can’t wait to get back into flying when I get the new house set up.


I’ve got it in XP-10, and short of me fiddling for a bit each time to get the engines started it’s perfect! The twotter seems to have a mind of its own that I do not always grasp!


You all convinced me :slight_smile: .

She flies nice! Kind of wallows in on approach, but she doesn’t need much runway! What did seem strange to me was on engine start, you are supplying fuel before you start cranking. That’s a big no-no on the PT6 equipped aircraft such as the King Air or Kodiak.


This I didn’t quite get either but perhaps there’s a management computer inbetween somewhere? Seems strange since engines are not considered part of the aircraft from a systems perspective though…


I’ll consult my source and reply. Great photos!

While we wait, it looks like he reaches up for the fuel lever before hitting the starter, or am I missing something (very possible)?


IIRC you’re supposed to move the fuel lever an inch or two forward before the starter.