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So, I found that if I started an engine as per the supplied checklist, it would start, but the ITT would spike into the red before settling back into the normal range. If I started in the way I think you should start a turboprop engine, the ITT stays within the normal range at all times. So, it is simulating the cooling effect of getting some airflow moving through the engine. The only instrument that seems to move when I crank is the oil pressure though. Once the engine lights off I get all engine instrument indications.


Your video answers the question Dan. I am seeing him start cranking at 0:30, then looking for 20% Ng before adding fuel. Pretty much identical to a King Air start.


Sorry for the late reply…I’m a little out of town right now and not checking in much. I have the Twin Otter too and I do love it.

And let me take this opportunity to once again say that Air Hauler 2 should port to X-Plane. That is all. :wink:


Yeah Paul, I ran into my ex DH-6 friend tonight and he confirmed starter, then fuel. I hadn’t flown it in a while, but still not sure why I had such an inestimable brain fart. The checklist in the black book next the the left seat is correct, but the tutorial is wrong. I had also forgotten that the panel is GTN 750 ready. Great bird.


I was indeed using the tutorial, so I guess they missed that small detail. If you follow the tutorial to the letter, you still get the engines started without burning them up, so that might be why they didn’t catch it.

In any case, it is a nice bird to have in my hangar! Thanks for the recommendation!

Btw, is that GTN750 plugin worth the money? Which aircraft can you use it with?


Ask @BeachAV8R. I’m sure that he feels as I do, that I can’t imagine life before it :slight_smile: As far as aircraft, it will pop-up in any, but for panel integration, there is a bit of custom work needed. I’m finding that a lot of recently released aircraft come with custom panels for the GTN750, including most if not all of the Carenado/Alabeo/Thranda/JustFlight aircraft. The PC-12, Piper Arrow, Do228, etc.

You can download the Garmin simulator and play with it before buying, but it’s so intuitive and useful that you become dependant on the damn thing. The fuel planner saved my bacon a few times flying the gas guzzling GLJ-25.


While going from TNCS to TNCM I came acroos a Nimitz Carrier sailing west, so I took some shots.

That flaming wreckege are the remains of my Cessna - I landed fine but apparently trying to get to the hangar deck with the help of the elevator is a no-go in this sim :frowning:


:joy::rofl::sweat_smile: Love it!


After a lot of thought, I have just pulled the trigger. Thanks for your observations Dan! My only concern is that the database won’t be easy to update. It is a pity that there is no option to use Navigraph, which I subscribed to for their FMS database updates . X-Plane 11 has turned into a bit of a money pit for me lately :wink: .

Next on my “want” list is the Bella Coola scenery, and maybe CZST Stewart airport too. I wonder how long I can hold out? LOL.


You and Beach are probably responsible for… 75% of my X-plane purchases :wink:


I’m so weak!.. Bella Coola, BC. Stunningly beautiful and worth every penny.


That’d make a great Air Hauler base. But does it have an instrument approach? (You could always build your own!)


Yeah, but now @PaulRix has the GTN750 mounted in his Twotter panel, he can scud run with confidence.


@PaulRix nice shots, are those default clouds or are you using any add-ons? Mine look tad worse.


@BeachAV8R, unfortunately no instrument approaches for this one, so you would have to follow @chipwich’s lead and scud run to get in there. It’s a well defined valley though, so what could go wrong? :wink:

@damson, glad you like them! The rainy shot in miserable weather was using XEnviro 1.09. There are some circumstances where XEnviro is simply stunning. There are also times when it doesn’t look so great in it’s current form. The nicer weather uses the free FSE mod the clouds, but without Reshade, which doesn’t seem to like my PC for some reason.


I forgot to add that this cute baby jet accidentally fell into my shopping cart at the same time as I picked up Bella Coola.

I think I have blown my monthly X-Plane budget, and most likely next month’s too. This is what happens when you are stuck at home with a broken arm and not allowed to go back to work. Shouldn’t be too much longer though, thankfully.


It’s a Twin Otter. You can just navigate direct to the airport and spiral down at 50 knots in a 70 degree bank…


Thanks for the tip, I will have to check that free FSE mod out!


That would probably work. Here, hold my beer… :wink: :beers:


I assume you’ve just quoted the Pilot’s Operating Handbook vertbatim there :wink: