X-Plane 11 Screens



So Chris, I tried this technique last night with a 400ft overcast and 1.5 mile visibility. With the help of the GPS keeping me over the valley, I can say it does indeed work, although I used a more sedate 40°ish bank angle. Kinda hairy but I got it on the runway!:scream:


Looking forward to see and hear more about this cute baby jet @paulrix

Its on my list…


Well, if you insist :wink:

Here are a few shots from a short hop KBOS - KACK (Boston to Nantucket). Scenery for Boston by MisterX and OrbX for Nantucket…

So, we start on the Signature ramp. This is a very good representation of the ramp there, with smaller aircraft parked on the front rows…

And the larger business aircraft on the back rows (good looking Global back there :wink: )…

Our route will follow the SSOXS5 departure to SSOXS, then down to Martha’s Vineyard and from there we will fly the GPS approach to Runway 6 at Nantucket

Cold and Dark… The cockpit is pretty simple and cleanly laid out…

Powering up. The avionics seem to all be on the main battery bus. Plugging in the flightplan is very straight foreward with the “Garmin 750”. Aerobask did a nice job with their version of this unit. It is missing some features found on the Reality XP GTN750 standalone plugin, but that is to be expected.

With the flightplan plugged in, we taxi over to Runway 15R…

And we are off!

It looks like World Traffic 3 has routed an airliner along the same SID as us…

Our little Eclipse is not the fastest jet, we are soon overhauled…

Heading South following the SID…

Coming up of Martha’s Vineyard. The next waypoint is AFHAS, the initial approach fix.

The weather has been decent all the way down here, but just our luck, we go IMC just as we turn onto the final approach course:

We break out at 600ft as predicted by the ATIS cloud base report.

On final…

A nice smooth touchdown! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile! :wink:

I turned off Runway 6 onto 15 before entering the ramp. The Nantucket scenery is really nice (and on sale right now too)…

I decided to park next to the Tower by a Cape Air C402 (?).

My initial thoughts are that it is a fun aircraft to fly. Small enough to still be considered light GA, fast enough to get you a decent distance even if you don’t have a lot of time to play with. It is simple to fire up and the avionics are great. The auto-pilot is a little quirky though and it will do it’s own thing if you don’t pay attention (particularly when it comes to altitude changes and the auto-throttle system. If you keep an eye on things though, it really isn’t a problem. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this little jet!


So, yeah, OrbX sale… mumble mumble.

Fond memories of my early simming days :grinning:, and a dream stolen by Mayor Daley :rage:

Ever since I first played FS I wanted to fly into Meigs Field, Chicago. I thought I would achieve that when I moved to the States and started flying seriously back in 2002, but I never got the chance unfortunately.

OrbX did a wonderful job bringing this iconic airport back to life.


I have a funny Meigs story but I think I’ve told it already here. Getting old :smirk:

[Found it: Meigs Field is back..! ]


:open_mouth: LOVED IT!


Love that story. Midway is a fun one. Sadly, I never got a chance to land at Meigs despite having hundreds of landings in there in a Commodore 64…


I feel like I know the Chicago skyline so well despite never having been there. I instantly knew the airfield you were at when I saw that screenshot.


Same here.
WatchDogs could be partially coupable too.


I share the same feeling …

Although I started flight simming around:FS4

Then FS5.1


Sadly it was already gone in FSX:


Bloody friggin heck? were you living in my house? I had EXACLTY the same progression! :open_mouth:


Thanks for posting those shots @damson. They show just how far flight sims have come.


You two must be the only ones in the world, to get the next FS versions, as they were published… :rofl:


Courtesy of a friend of my father.
He had a game… * cough cough * shop * cough cough * so…


Well to be honest I skipped FS2000 (I didn’t had PC powerfull enough to run it then), but flew FS2002 and then Century of Flight when I got a new PC while in college…


Keeping myself occupied while we wait for the DCS Hornet… VSkyLab’s latest release, the Rutan Long-EZ .


Ahh the John Denver killer! Them be funky.


Be nice! Great design. Doesn’t scale up very well, but great.


Dan, I think it is hard to blame the airplane design on John Denver’s unfortunate accident. I’m afraid that one sits squarely on the shoulders of the pilot, although the fuel selector was in an awkward place in his particular aircraft. .

@smokinhole, as I was flying this today in VR (which I finally have working nicely in XP11 now), with a cheezy grin on my face, I thought to myself that this may not be a Pitts, but I bet Smokinhole would have fun flying this one in VR. :slight_smile:


Agreed Paul. But don’t you mean the left shoulder? Not to make light of the event, but if memory serves, that was where the original builder had placed the fuel selector. Probably not the best location in tight quarters. Anyway, very interesting design and I have admired those that I have seen at fly-ins. The cockpits tend to be a snug IMO, and I’m not sure that I could achieve the gymnastics required to mount an EZ. How do you find it to fly?