X-Plane releases thread


Does anyone know if there is an X-Life traffic profile for KDCA? I can’t seem to find any with some light Google searching… @fearlessfrog? (He seems to be the X-Life guru…)

It’s a program I have (X-Life Deluxe), but haven’t fully explored and I don’t know how much it works with payware airports and XP11…


I don’t think so unfortunately:


The maps of ones that have taxi routes etc are here:


So I couldn’t sleep tonight (actually…this morning…4AM yay…!) so I went poking around my X-Plane.ORG account and doing some updating. In the past few months since I checked, quite a few of my airplanes/helos have been updated to (probably) provide either total XP11 functionality, or partial XP11 functionality.

Now, some developers are just patching up their XP10 models to a point that makes them work fine in XP11. Others are releasing whole new XP11 products that were probably in the pipeline anyway, requiring some cash. I noticed my account had several upgrade offers so I went ahead and bit the bullet. I upgraded the A320neo, Boeing 757 Pro, and the Bell 407 by paying the upgrade costs that are pretty heavily discounted. In my mind, a good investment for what will probably be a few years of XP11 flying.

As well, I noticed that a lot of other developers had updated their version numbers. Now I don’t know specifically that all these were made to be XP11 compliant, but I suspect most of them were:

I was also able to update the PC-12 and the Challenger 300 (with THIS patch)…

So if you haven’t been checking your version numbers, it might be time to start doing that. Pretty happy to see my X-Plane 11 hangar starting to get filled with some old favorites.

That still leaves quite a few out though that I’m hopeful will get updated (either for money or not)…

X-Aviation MU-2
Felis Yak-40
Felis An-24RV
Ramzzess Sukhoi SSJ-100

And a few others…


Oh man, I’ve got some work to do. @BeachAV8R, is there an easier way than clicking each order and then through to the download page to see a version number? Thanks for the footwork.


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Unfortunately no - although you can click the Download - View Details screen and it will give you a complete list of all your purchases rather than having to go through each invoice…

I sure wish there was a module auto-updater for each download (JAR at least embeds new version info when you launch his stuff…). We have it pretty good with DCS…

Takes you to this page…


Thanks Chris. I got off reasonably light, depending on how one views the 407 upgrade.

Now to hit the other vendor sites…


Ya, I’m gonna have to do this now too.


Add the Dreamfoil 407 XP11 version to my list. So, of what I listed, the DH6 still has the inverted vertical stabilizer and the Tornado has an .acf config file in a bunch of folders, which causes your aircraft menu to populate with all of those folders. The DH6 seems function perfectly, regardless of how it looks externally, but I would hold off installing the Tornado, until they have an XP11 version.

Oh, and the F-35B needs a further rewrite to fix weapon release which was changed in XP11.


I see the FlyJSim 727, but where is the venerable 737-200?! :wink:


I bought it and own it…and I think it still works in XP11 (I’ll check). I don’t think he has updated it to a ver 2 the way he did the 727…(I could be wrong on that)…


This thread indicates that people would like a patch…but there might be a ver 2 coming…



“A new version will be out soon. I cant say an exact date, but i wont be making a patch. Not because i don’t want to, but rather because i miss placed my last solid version of the files to update the currently released version, and that the new one is ever closer to release.”


This is what the store page says:

"X-Plane 11: The plane can be used in XP11 however, some issues may occur as XP11 is still in beta.
One of the main items you may want to fix yourself before using my aircraft in 11 is to check the ‘Has APU’ check box in plane-maker, then save the aircraft. This will tell xp11, that the aircraft has an APU, so you can still start it. "


The important part is he’s redoing the Q400 as a new version for XP-11 YAYAYAYAYAYAY it makes me happy!


Yes…love that airplane. Would be really nice if added a FMC to it.


Many thanks for your comments! I ended up getting it on steam during the weekend. Really enjoyed it, about 11 hours (:sunglasses:) in and no crashes or anything. Had to fiddle with the settings for a bit to get it to work smooth above Europe but with the tool you reported some time ago, I got it to work fantastic, steady 35+ FPS.

Also thanks @Rhinosaurus but apperently Laminar also pushes their betas to steam as well. For the forseeable future I’ll probably be on the stable though.


They do, but only the release candidate betas, unless they’ve changed the way they do things.

The pre- release candidate betas for XP10 were never pushed to Steam. Don’t recall the reason off-hand. But XP10.50b1-8 or so went by before it hit Steam as XP10.50rc1 I believe.

edit: Glad you’re enjoying it though!


Anyone tried this - XP Realistic Pro…? The turbulence effects look like they might be a bit annoying, but the G-effects and accel/decel seem sorta nice. Not sure if it’d be worth it though. Wonder if they have a 10 minute trial or something…


And, how would that feel in VR, if it’s even possible…
Maybe it would create an illusion of external forces? I don’t know? Would be fun to try.