X-Plane releases thread


Yeah, I assume it is sort of like that AccuSim type thing for FSX/P3D…maybe… At $15 it isn’t a bank breaker, so maybe I’ll give it a whirl…


There is a free g-force simulation plugin that has been available on the org for at least a year which looks remarkably similar. I’m not sure what else you would get for the $15 other than the slick menu. Unless there is something else worthwhile bundled in then I’m not gonna pull the trigger on this one I’m afraid.


I wonder if that might be the Lite version of this product. I saw a mention of a Lite and Pro version…so maybe that is it. I don’t know what extra features you would get with the Pro version…I’ll have to do some digging…


I’m really liking the look and sound of that. Speed brake, takeoff roll, and front wheel retraction effect were subtle but add much, IMO.


Another beauty by “tdg” - Samos, Greece (LGSM)

“The airport is named after Aristarchos of Samos, an ancient astronomer and mathematician, and lies within 5 km from the nearby town of Pythagorio. The airport features a single short runway serving both arrivals and departures. The airports surroundings leave little room for error or mistake on the behalf of the pilots – with nearby mountains and sea at the end of the short runway. There are often strong Meltemi winds blowing from the north during the summer months which further contribute to the difficulty of the landing. I do not claim it’s 100% accurate depiction of the actual airport but close. Enjoy IT’S FREE”

You can find approach plates for it: HERE…!





Anything new about improved stock clouds and/or terrain above 60°N ?
I don’t have much time right now to fly, but I am still very interested in how XP11 develops. :slight_smile:


This looks like a pretty neat free plug-in for the X-Plane 11 default 737-800 and 747 that adds terrain display capability to the EHSI. Looks nice…!



XP 11 11.02 is now out and it definitely improves performance a little, in that it all feels smoother. Nice, and good to see this is still under so much active development.



Thanks for the heads-up fearless. Good to hear that we are nearing production release, so that aircraft devs can get on with compatibility work. My one complaint at this point is that it seems that load times have been getting increasingly longer, something that I can obviously live with.


XPRealistic Pro is $5 off at the Org Store.



Not a release…but good news from Rotate (developers of the MD-80) in that their next module is going to be an MD-11…!

“It is planed to be distributed in both cargo and passengers flavors. With all we’ve learned in the last years, we expect to deliver a study-level aircraft from version 1.0.”



That’s awesome! I live their MD-80. Hopen the system requirements are roughly the same as the MD-80


The MD-11 is a really cool airplane…I still think the L1011 is a bit sexier due to the fairing of that tail mounted engine…but I’ll take an MD-11 for sure. Cue the cargo liveries!


I love the tri-jet era! There’s something neat about 3 engines as opposed to four or two.


FYI: X-Trident recently released a XP11 beta update for theTornado.

Now I only need some time to fly this beauty :neutral_face:


Not a release - but news - Active Sky is going to be developing for X-Plane…!!!


And from the same presentation…

X-Plane roadmap:


So active sky is about the only weather program I’ve showed interest in but as it was for fsx it was useless to me. I am definitely on the side of buying that one. Also liking those xplane priorities.


Do they have scenery on latitudes > 60° now btw?