X-Plane releases thread



I’ll have to check on that…just looking at my Global Scenery / Earth nav data folder, I only see latitudes ranging from +70 to -60, so I’m guessing not.

There are some third party freeware and payware that cover further areas…but by default, it doesn’t look like it…(I honestly don’t know why)…


For those that have it - the RWDesigns Twin Otter was updated (June 6) to Version 1.31 for X-Plane 11…there are still bugs remaining apparently, but it did address a few things… You should be able to find the 1.31 version in the .ORG store under your account/downloads…

Sure would be nice if all modules for XP had an auto-alert system or auto-update eh? (Kind of like JAR does…)


Thanks. That’s a real pity because I love Norway and Canada, and large parts of those are pretty much nonexistant in stock XP11.
That also makes it impossible doing ferry flights over greenland (in FSX I flew my plane, the Citation Mustang, over to Germany from the Cessna plant in the USA. That was fun.)

EDIT: Speaking of features: Did they say whether there is any chance to get custom registration numbers for the planes?


HSimulators has some custom Greenland mesh and some detailed airports. I think I used it in XP10 for a flight to Alert or something during one of the Christmas flights…I think they updated it for XP11 (maybe…)

Not sure on that one…I’ll poke around…


Also (just finding some of these while perusing some of my directories and matching up what I have vs. what is out there)…the DMO S-92 Sikorsky was updated recently (well mid-May) to XP11… It is a fun helicopter (lite systems realism I’d say). XP10 version owners should have a coupon in their original download page that offers the upgrade for $15, otherwise it’s $24.95…

Extensive Changelog for v11 (click Summary below)

[details=Summary]Sikorsky S-92
DMO Flight Design

Changelog Version 1.4 (for X-Plane 11)

• • Updated aircraft files and assets to function in X-Plane 11 (XP11), this update requires XP11. New aircraft and object files include destruction on crash (for the standard and VIP S-92 variants), catastrophic impact results in fire and wreckage. The wreckage is still a work in progress but adds to the visceral impact of “buying the farm”.
• • Updated and improved texture normal maps to account for new shader model in XP11, namely metallic/reflective materials and exterior glass.
• • Updated exterior model so that the APU exhaust appears on only the left side.
• • Updated cockpit object with new FMS (recommend clicking the FMS screen to open the FMS pop up, as opposed to manipulating the 3D buttons).
• • Updated cockpit object with new main engine power control levers (throttles), to include release/unlock buttons on the sides of the lever knobs.
• • Updated flight model responsiveness, further honed the response time of control surfaces to create the implied sensation of mass and scale
• • The simulator data for the camera device (which drives the search light in the search and rescue “SAR” variant) changed, so the animation has been relinked to that.
• • The SAR and CH-148 variants now have a functioning camera screen in the rescue crew member’s position (the seat in the cabin with the camera/searchlight control console).
• • The SAR and CH-148 variants now have an animated camera gimbal, which moves in response to the rescue crew member’s control console. You will notice in exterior views that the camera (the gizmo hanging under the nose of the aircraft) actually moves in response to user input. The camera and searchlight are linked, so they will always point in the same direction. To control the searchlight and camera without positioning yourself at the rescue crew member’s console (in the cabin), a joystick or keyboard button needs to be linked to the camera pitch and heading offset parameters. Sadly, in the current version of XP11 there does not seem to be an option to link those parameters with a keyboard or joystick button, but if that changes one day you’ll know what to do.
• • Some engine parameters are different in XP11, the flight models have been adjusted (namely the starter) to work under these new parameters. The engine starter from version 1.3 will not successfully start the engines in XP11.
• • Added/edited sound; there is a new gear deployment sound, low rotor alarm, master caution. There are some issues with alerts and system failure sounds that will hopefully be worked out soon in the sim and plane maker.
• • A new plugin increases the effective strength of the rotor brake, allowing the brake to “stop” the rotors from spinning while the main engines are at idle. Props seem to never quite stop completely in the sim, but they will now slow down to less than 2% of the designed rotor RPM with the rotor brake applied and both engines running. Linux plugin is not yet compiled or tested however, due to low value of this plugin’s function and the immediate need for overall functionality in XP11, the release of 1.4 will not delay for this. Apologies to Linux users, you are truly not missing much at this point.
• • The rotors run at a slightly lower, more realistic RPM when the engines are at idle
• • The menu interface of the simulator has changed in XP11. You will notice that there are new icons for each aircraft variant and livery. As always, you can only apply liveries that match the respective variant you are trying to fly (e.g. a VIP livery will only load if you are loading the VIP .acf). The powers that be at Laminar want us to resign ourselves to their “Generate Icons” function, which results in a small icon with little in the way of discernible detail. Sadly, this limits the ability of the sim’s icons to aid in rapid/efficient visual recognition of the varied choices (some paint schemes and even the variants are not easy to tell apart). Alternative icons are available, which actually highlight the differences of varied aircraft types and paint schemes. Perhaps they shall be shared somewhere on the forum if desired, although organizing them into the directory structure is a bit of a pain.
• • To make things a little easier, and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of scrolling the mouse wheel through dozens of liveries in the menu, aircraft variants have been separated into subfolders. This does waste some disk space due to redundant copies of certain assets, but enhances usability in the long run. Note: If your livery collection gets large, consider using they drop down list in the flight configuration menu, as opposed to scrolling linearly through them with your finger or mouse wheel.
• • The mapping of textures has not changed significantly, any third party liveries should still work with little or no trouble. The normal maps and shader model have changed so keep that in mind (certain objects will be expecting a normal map that contains metalness cues).
• • The rotor blur texture of the CH-148 and VH-92 has been improved to smooth out the gradient. An unsightly clump of pixels existed previously which were a bit too opaque.
• • The cargo compartment light is now hidden when the cargo ramp is closed. Previously, it would spill light onto the aircraft and surrounding terrain (if nearby) despite the cargo ramp being closed.
• • Took away the 2D Panel in favor of a hover-friendly view. One of the most challenging aspects of flying a helicopter is maintaining a hover. This is made exponentially more difficult if you can’t see any valuable points of reference. If you have a head tracking system this may not be a huge deal because you can move your virtual “head” in the 3D cockpit (i.e. to see over the glare shield). But for those without head tracking or a wide-angle panoramic projection system, the instrument panel can be an annoying obstruction when, for example, trying to land on the frigate or an oil platform. The forward no-panel view relieves us of the instrument panel but, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to allow us to look downwards; our virtual gaze is essentially locked on the horizon. Having 50% of your field of vision filled with clouds and sky might be pretty but not when you’re trying to land or hover in a tight environment. For this reason, the panel and most of the instruments on the forward 2D panel view (option + W on a Mac, Alt + W on Windows) have been removed. This is because, for some reason, we are allowed to look downwards in forward 2D panel view (just not forward 2D no-panel or HUD view). The most pertinent instruments for final approach and hover remain along the left hand side, the rest of the screen is fully transparent so that you can, you know… see what you’re doing. This way you have a fair chance at successfully hovering or landing in small, confined and hazard-filled spaces.


Our original review for the v10 model…


AOA Simulations released an X-Plane 11 compatible version of the X-35B in the .org store with some caveats. More info here:


Can’t remember if this was posted here or not - but Danklau updated the Kodiak to v1.4 a couple weeks ago and also shipped an add-on package to the store that adds the float, tundra, and ski versions…

  • AMPHIBIAN VERSION (Floats with Retractable Landing Gear)

  • SKI VERSION (with animated skis that adapt to ground angle and bumpiness)

  • EXECUTIVE INTERIOR (with seats facing each other, and animated slide-out tables). Weight and balance manager graphics adapt to seating configuration.

  • CARGO VERSION (featuring covered windows, flat loading area, and cargo visualization that adapts to the weight set in the weight and balance manager)

  • TUNDRA VERSION (featuring larger balloon tires to tackle any rough terrain. Affects flight dynamics and ground handling)

I bought the Kodiak a few months ago…and am just now having a chance to explore it. What a beautiful little machine he created…I can tell this is going to be one of my favorites. I did buy the expansion pack too. I decided to try my first flight from 3U2 (Johnson Creek, ID) (scenery HERE)

Good grief - our sims have come a long way haven’t they?!

When your package absolutely has to get there…!

Beautiful little area to fly into…

Bringing it back around for the first landing…

Parked and shutting down…

Man…more than ever I wish Air Hauler 2 would come to X-Plane 11…this little bird would be perfect for hauling freight…

Version 1.4 Change Log:

[details=Summary] v1.4 Change log

Tweaked material adaptation for v11’s PBR engine
Tweaked ITT characteristics for v10 and v11
Updated plugins and pop-up windows to work with expansion pack
Made further improvements to the G1000
Improved XP11 ground handling
Adjusted electrical system for more realism
Modelled GPU
Tweaked autopilot behaviour for more stable flight
Adjusted flight dynamics for correct behavior in XP11
Added icons for v11
Tweaked ground handling
Fixed texture shimmer artifacts.
Added GoodWay support



So my first landing with the amphib variant didn’t go too well…LOL…


Beach is on a normal delivery, when suddenly…


That plane was full of Vodka.


Good to hear about the expansion pack. That was one of my favorite a/c in XP10.


This looks down my alley (I haven’t tried it though…so reserve judgment…!)… Only problem is that it doesn’t include the orthos…and I haven’t dug down into doing that despite the many knowledgeable posts here on Mudspike that describe the process.


"I enjoy bush flying in X-Plane but the default scenery around Idaho was just not up to my standards. So I took the challenge of overhauling many of the backcountry strips all over Idaho and even a few in Montana. All of the airstrips that I have overhauled now are ortho friendly so the strips fit seamlessly with orthographic photos. To get what you see in the screen shots above I have orthographic scenery from a program called ortho4xp.

All of the strips use laminar objects only, this allows me to upload all the strips to the gateway so they will eventually become default strips for X-Plane in the future. While I could leave the strips on the gateway it is easier to access the latest version of the airstrips through this package. This also allows me to instantly update the package for specific airports, Where as if you were downloading them from the gateway the strips take a while to be approved."


Pay what you want for Khamsin’s B-17 for X-Plane 11:


You now will tell me that it’s a very bad flight model and it’s not a fully developed Study plane with all bells and whistles except for guns and bombs.


Not the truth, just that.
C’mon, I’ll wait here-


Not a release…but in development from VSkyLabs - a DC-3 for XP11…note - it is not being developed as a true “study level” module…so keep an eye out for the reviews and gather your info…!


Hey @chipwich - without digging through X-Plane threads - I know you got Air Hauler working in X-Plane 11, and as far as what I’ve read online, it seems that the fuel price is stuck at $100/bl., but someone mentioned that the stock market aspect is actually working (?). I love my AH2 in P3D…but I really miss those X-Plane environments, lighting, and flight dynamics… :sadpanda:


Is anyone else getting this? I can’t seem to grab realtime weather…


Nevermind…looks like my new/fresh reinstall of Windows required a new install of FlyWithLua and the NOAA wx plug-in…all squared away…


Apparently you require xp10 installed (I guess demo would work) in 32 bit in order to get it working in xplane. So much work just make something partially work.


Yeah…I think you only have to do that when importing planes though…