X-Plane releases thread


Oh dear…


I see you 5 dollar less MIG-29 out of the corner of my eye…


Not sure about commodity (oil) prices, but the market data was working. I have a theory that it only updates when the market is open. Need to check that during the business day with TeamViewer.


My sim career could hinge on a speech by Janet Yellen on any given day… LOL…


Found my notes:
Installing AirHauler in X-Plane 11

  1. Install AH in a folder outside of the default C:\Program Files (x86) and set it up for XP10 per the MUDSPIKE article. I use C:\Simulations as a base folder for most of my sims, so during the AH install, I point to this folder as the AH install location. AH will create an AirHauler for X-Plane folder in this location. Moving it out of the default folder avoids any UAC issues that might cause some features not to work. So my XP10 install of AH lands in C:\Simulations\AirHauler for X-Plane.

  2. Create a company and import all of the aircraft that you plan to buy/lease during a career. Note that you don’t have to buy or these aircraft of take a job, just import then so that they will be available to you later.

  3. Copy the whole AH install folder to another location. I used C:\Simulations\Just Flight\AirHauler for X-Plane, Launch this version of AH and in Options point the x-plane.exe path to your XP11 install folder. Shut down AH.

  4. Copy from \X-Plane 10\Resources\plugins 3 files: XPUIPCOffsets.cfg, XPUIPC.xpl, and AHPlugin.xpl. Put these in the same folder in XP11.

  5. Install XPUIPC for X-Plane in your X-Plane 11 folder just like you did in step 1.

  6. Go fly like the big freight dog that you are.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Probably takes between 1.5 and 2.0 craft beers.


I bought gas on Thursday at RaceTrack for $189.9 / gal. That’s cheap for GA. Not sure about NC, but SC is usually 15 to 20 cents per gallon less expensive than GA. A little later in the day, NPR had a piece on how the US is the world’s largest energy supplier now. My how things change from 2014 and $4 / gal gas that beat the crap out of our economy top to bottom. I really want a truck, but I can see me getting bent over by the commodity traders and OPEC as soon as I take delivery LOL.


Hey, hey, hey…slow down man…! This is Mudspike…bring a six pack, a story, and revel in the process! :laughing:

On a related topic…I’m pretty sure that dual monitors was supposed to make me work more efficiently, but I’m starting to wonder if having a browser open on my secondary monitor all the time isn’t actually making me way less efficient…LOL…


Yeah…it was exactly during that period (2011-12 ish) that I realized driving my X-Terra, while fun, was absolutely killing me. I think it was getting about 16 mpg, so every time I drove it to work and back was costing me on the order of $14 or $15. That’s when I bought the 32 mpg Subaru. Then gas prices dropped to $2.50 and have settled further. Still saving money though…and like you, I figure we’ll see $4 or more again eventually…


Mmmm…another delicious TDG airport has been released (free/donation ware). This time it is EGPN / Dundee Airport, Scotland…



This one looks nice too - the Nazca Experience (SPZA). Our friend @Cygon_Parrot has probably seen these from the air I’d imagine…


Where You Are Photos

And wrapping up our World Tour this morning…KTPF / Peter O. Knight field (freeware) was published. You might remember this place from the news when a C-17 mistook the dinky airfield for Macdill AFB and somehow brought his C-17 to a screeching, smoking stop on 3,600’ of runway… I know what the first thing I’m gonna do with this scenery is…!





Just WOW! Any recommended C-17s out there?


So that didn’t go too well on the first attempt… :thinking:


Anyone manage to get the sound working in the C-17 in XP11? The engine sounds (Dream Engine?) aren’t working for me…


This stuff is getting me salivating! I can’t believe, after years of spending a fortune on FSX/P3D add-ons, I now have to do the same for XP11 (which I just bought a few minutes ago after getting a refund on P3Dv4). Oh my wallet!


Well, the good news is the vast majority of it (mesh, scenery, airports) is freeware developed by the community. The planes and some high end custom scenery are perhaps the ones that might set you back a bit.

If you haven’t already though - this is a good starting place for really high resolution mesh:



Use caution during this sale by the way - not all planes are XP11 compatible…so you’ll have to do some research. It’d be nice if they were listed as such or categorized going forward in the store…(but they aren’t)…


Thank you for the link. I’ve spent the last hour searching for add-on sites and I see there is quite a bit of interesting free and donationware out there.


Lol, I just purchased Dden’s Challenger 300 about two weeks ago. I also picked up the KAUS scenery at the same time (huge improvement over the stock KAUS). I figured I should have my home base properly modeled. So now I will have to try to refrain from buying more in the sale.


I have that one too…haven’t flown it in awhile though…but it had a stock FMC correct…nothing uber-realistic?