X-Plane releases thread



I’m actually not seeing a whole lot that I MUST have in this sale. There are some sceneries I wouldn’t mind picking up (DFW and ATL)…but as far as aircraft go, there are some on my wishlist (JAR A330 and the Tu-154). I’d buy the F/A-18 in a second if they’d fix the pilot size…I’m just soooo put off by that for some reason.


Actually, if you look at the pilot in the ED video just posted in the F-18C thread, they don’t look that much different. Maybe a smidge.


I’m getting flashbacks to when I first got FSX and spent more time downloading add-ons (most of which I either haven’t used once or turned out to be disappointing) than I did flying. I try to resist, but it ain’t arf ard!

Got some stuff from x-plane.org and hope it is good enough to not put me off. Some of the pictures remind me of early FSX/late FS9 freeware - cartoonish, but usable for the moment, until I can afford to get some decent payware into my hangar. Payware-wise atm I’ve seen two I like the look of - the Super Tucano and the CRJ-200, though the latter is a bit pricey for me. I have so many payware add-ons for FSX and P3D, but I bought 90% of them in sales! :smirk:


Here’s a great freeware plane for ya’…


Also these (not sure if it is fully XP11 capable):





The zero uses to be payware. The skis came with a payware purchase. I think seebee was payware too. They became’gifts’ which is why they’re now free downloads from the org


@Cygon_Parrot how’s the RW Design Twin Otter for X-plane(10)? I think you’ve got actual stick experience with that aircraft if I recall your christmas flight correctly?

DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 Series


That’s great, thanks! I have the LET 410 in FSX, too - like it. I also have the Seabee and have it on my download list for XP11 - can’t carry much, about a box of sandwiches I think, but is a fun little plane.


You mean this one? :slightly_smiling_face:

Works well in XP11. There is only one thing that isn’t right in the sim; the rudder in the external visual turns the wrong way, though for all other intents and purposes its function is unaffected (ie; it doesn’t act as though it is turning the wrong way). This, of course, doesn’t happen in XP10, in which the visual rudder movement is correct.

As a comparison to AeroSoft’s Twin Otter for FSX/P3D? XP’s (RWD’s) rendition is not as complete system-wise as AeroSoft’s. There’s not the capability to do the full run up check, complete with the governor and autofeather tests (which is fun to do!). However, this does not detract too much from the XP version. Instrumentation and cockpit layout almost the same, and I actually find the XP version a little more pleasant to fly. Plus, the XP GPS is better.

At night :disappointed:. So I’m looking forward to installing that Nazca scenery to complete the experience! :grin:



Uh, okay. What’s happening here? :confused:


Overran the runway and now he’s a boat.


Hey…it’s not my fault that the Air Force wasn’t forward thinking enough to make a float variant…


Fantastic! I guess I now know my next XP aircraft :wink:


I’ll more than likely end up buying that, too - Twotter has always been a favourite. When I first started I used PAD’s freeware ones extensively on VATSIM UK, which did the job nicely until I got Aerosoft’s model.
I used to get virtual lessons in the PAD Twotter from one of the bosses/ pilot instructor guys at CixVFR.

edit - wow! Just had to run downstairs in the middle of posting that - Sally B was flying over our house! Only second time I’ve seen her - wasn’t quick enough with the camera, though :unamused:


rather frustrating LINK


Well it’s worth it, a very fun aircraft.So much lift in it!


Great sale! I couldn’t resist the discount on the Aerobask Panthera v3

Initial impressions are really good :thumbsup:

Even has a darn impressive builtin GTN 750 for the price.


Yes indeed, but the new XP11 FMS isn’t terrible. Not great, but better it used to be. It would be great if there was a good payware FMS out there.


Dang…those shots are beautiful…! Aerobask makes great stuff…


I downloaded the Dundee scenery I saw in the screenshots section - all well and good. However, it requires 9 libraries to function correctly and the downloads from x-plane.org are excruciatingly slow. I just did the first one - 3D People - which is 84MB and it took ages at around 250kB/s.

I was downloading from there last night and the max I got was 1.9MB/s, so I gave up, hoping that today it would be faster, but no - it’s actually slower now. I went to the next required lib and it’s 557MB. At this rate I won’t be bothering with x-plane.org, regardless of what they have. Really frustrating.


It’s usually one of Open Scenery library’s:

They usually put that at the bottom of the post, that these libraries are included in there.

I think the org limits download speed and total downloads per day for free downloads to save bandwidth. Simviation does the same as do a few other FS websites!


I get 450 KB per second on a good day! I’d be ecstatic with 1.9MB per second… ah, the joys of living in rural Texas. :wink: