X-Plane releases thread



Yeah…the LIB situation with X-Plane is less than ideal. It would be really neat if there was some sort of a la carte download process that only grabbed all of the items from within a span of libraries that you need for a specific scenery build. Because most of the time, even though you have many MB of scenery objects in a library, you are generally only using a few per scenery. Oh well…what we have is pretty darn good right now…although yes, it is inconvenient initially. Tom Knudsen used to have a pretty cool all-in-one installer that allowed you to install all of the major packages at once in a fairly hassle free way, but due to bandwidth constraints, he had to stop hosting it:



Pretty nice looking turf runway scenery for a laid back weekend of GA flying…Rheine Eschendorf, Germany (EDXE) (freeware):


Looks like a good place to practice glider approaches!


Thanks for the info.

Yes, I have used Simviation before. I would wait until I had a large list of stuff I wanted and then pay for a month and download it all. Last time I got every mission/flight in their FSX library.

However, I am very cautious with those pay sites for downloading freeware. I don’t have a problem with it, but two sites have speed or download restrictions unless you pay - I paid and the transfer speed remained awful. I even paid one multiple times and every time it was very slow or broke off halfway through ‘large’ downloads (CombatAce). They aren’t normally considered large at around 500MB, but when the speed is 1-200kB/s anything over 20MB is large!

Anyway, I am now using a second computer for the downloads. Slow downloads can be a pain, but it’s being unable to use my PC that is the worst thing, one of the reasons I kept my old PC when I upgraded.

Edit: Wow! Thanks for the openscenery link - what a difference! 8.3MB/s - that’s more like it! :grin:


Does anyone else with a HOTAS Warthog have the inability to map your “grooved” “lower right” and “left side” hat switches to anything other than “hat switch up/down/left right”? In previous versions of X-Plane I was able to map my left hat switch (the grey one on the left side of the stick) to toggle reversers…now I can’t seem to access the full command list for that hat. I can access the full list for my top hat (the grey one on the top of the stick)…but not the other three. What the heck?


So running up against the problem of not having a GPS in my Mi-2…I decided to give this mapping output Java program a whirl…and it works great. It basically just shows your position on a map by outputting your data to a map (on a server?) - I dunno…works great though to add some situational awareness for those aircraft that don’t have advanced avionics. Consider it your virtual iPad with ForeFlite…



You know you can move the built in map to your second screen right? So you have moving map without a plugin. Not as detailed but you can also bring up nearby airport details and such from it as usual.


Native VR is coming to X-plane…!


New B200 version has been released for X-Plane 11 - I’m definitely getting this!


New X-Plane 11 Version

Specific engine dynamics for XP11
Flight physics designed for XP11 standards
Ground handling adapted for XP11 ground physics
Physically Based Rendering materials and textures
PBR materials authored with industry-standard software used by the film and gaming industries.
Two (2) X-Plane GNS430 (FPS friendly)
Ice and rain effects
VR compatible click spots
Goodway Compatible
Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane. Realistic weight and balance. Tested by several pilots for maximum accuracy
Dynamic loading/unloading of 3D parts and plugin logic for FPS optimization


Looks really nice (I own it on P3D and it’s one of my faves).

Unfortunately I’m trying not to buy anymore Carenado XP11 planes to protest their decision not to update any of their existing X-Plane birds for XP11 (meanwhile they’re upgrading all their birds for P3Dv4 for free so it makes no sense). Hopefully they will come to their senses since they are one of my favorite devs, I don’t even mind paying for an update, but to leave all the old birds to rot is just dumb.


This is a really nice (free) Portland International (Maine) (KPWM) scenery by Cheston:



I have to say, I’m finding X-plane add-ons a little too expensive for my budget. Granted, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount on FSX and P3D models - but the vast majority were bought in sales. The sales I’ve seen so far for X-plane have the prices reduced by only a few bucks.

Oh well, not flying XP at the moment, anyway, but when I have another go, I’ll almost certainly be sticking to default & free or donationware.


FlyJSim for X-plane 10/11:


I can recommend the 737. The 727 is a bit bare when it comes to manuals(well, none really). And has a few problems with the fuel system. Other then that it’s good fun to fly.


This is a nice looking version of SBFZ - Pinto Martins Fortaleza (Brazil)…


And another quality looking airport by “tdg” - EGJA Alderney Airport…



Rising Dawn Studio’s first release:
KHAF - Half Moon Bay Airport

It looks really nice with its customizable hangar. Maybe RDS will become the A2A of airport :slight_smile:

And that manual…woh, I absolutely LOVE it!


I need a new x-plane sale… so much stuff to get. Like this cool airport. And the new 208 for xp11. And REP for the default 172. And that new DC3.


Ahah, same here.
I could totally see myself taking care of my REP’ed 172 in my custom hangar, with a playmate on the wall :grin:


Hmm, I want this:


Is it a bad idea and you must stop me? I fancy a chunky run-about. Is there something better I should get?

@BeachAV8R if you’re eclipse blinded then please tap three times to confirm a ‘yes’. Cheers.


If you just hit the buy button without looking at the price, it’s not irresponsible

At least that’s what I’m telling myself after that binge last night.


It hurt me to buy it, since it seems like I bought the XP10 version not that long ago. But there were some things that were broken by XP11 and @EightBall’s skin put me over the edge.


I liked the 10 version and this is designed for 11 so I’ll get it soon too I’d wait for labour day though. The org often does a sale then I think. Not sure if carenado planes are on it.