X-Plane releases thread



Excellent point - thanks


I really like the Carenado Caravan - I think you’d like it. I can’t remember offhand if it comes with the cargo variant with the pod or if that is another add-on purchase (?)…

We survived. The eclipse was way better than I thought it would be…pictures and story incoming…! Back home and enjoying electricity and running water once again…




The xp11 version is a complete package I think. The xp10 was a separate purchase for the cargo stuff.


Using Carenado/Alabeo XP10 products in XP11

Lately, I’ve been flying the C195 and C207, and have noticed some nagging little issues. I’m wondering if they are 1) operator error (manuals are light to nonexistent), 2) just business as usual for the developer, 3) will be fixed in an update to an XP11 compatible version, or 4) broken in XP11.

Here are some of the issues that I’ve encountered:

  • Scroll manipulator on the fuel selector in the C207 broken. The dual curved arrows should indicate scroll active, but only work by dragging right or left.
  • Sometimes the C and O side menus fail to operate on the C195.
  • Failure of the autopilot to capture the GPS route in NAV mode in the C207. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. HDG mode usually does. Haven’t tried capturing OBS, because I usually fly with either NAV or HDG selected in GPS mode.
  • VORTAC/DME failure to receive and/or display information regardless of altitude or distance from station.

None of these things are deal breakers unless operating in IMC, but wondering if others have encountered weirdness? Come to think of it, the XP10 version of the C208 displayed some flakiness in XP11, so I should not expect these two to act otherwise I suppose.


They’re rereleasing their planes for xp11 for cost which will make them fully compatible. Not sure if they’re planning on doing all of them or not.

Not really a comment on your specific issues but in general.


So another updated version of SkyMaxx 4.x (4.6) released today - and it does look like they are making some improvements with regards to depicting uglier types of weather such as towering cumulus (thunderstorms). Still exploring it, but some of the results look pretty good…

What’s New / Changed:

  • Big, scary storm clouds! All-new, hand-modeled representations of towering cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds when storms are present or developing.
  • Improved framerates in stormy conditions
  • Fix graphic corruption in the sky associated with storms on some systems
  • Improved cloud lighting and shading
  • Other minor performance improvements

Quick shot over AZ with some TCUs…


@BeachAV8R Did you end up getting the Carenado Kingair 200, was it worth it? I have their C90 from XP10 and keep thinking about getting the 200 but then I tell myself itself it’s not different enough to buy another.


I guess that would depend on if you are a King Air connoisseur :wink: .

I’m kind of in the same boat. I have the XP10 version of the B200 and $35 seems like a steep price for essentially the same product, but I could be missing something here.

Also, with regards to Skymax Pro 4, what is the performance like? I was looking at some videos of XEnviro which look amazing despite using 2D clouds. The price tag seemed less amazing though.


I have not bought the v11 version yet…kind of for the same reasons Paul mentioned. I will probably pick it up on sale at some point though. I did enjoy the XP10 version. It isn’t completely accurate, but close enough to give you the “King Air Experience” in my opinion…


I’ve had all the versions of SkyMaxx Pro and I like it…but I like it for the type of flying I typically do (low and slow bush flying). Performance is…meh…you definitely take a hit. XEnviro looks great in some respects…but those 2D clouds, I don’t know how they’d work out for low altitude, in the soup type stuff. I’m waiting for it to mature a bit…and probably won’t ever pull the trigger on it unless the price drops some.


Thanks for your thoughts Chris. I guess I really need to decide on what I want to use XP11 for. Right now I mainly use it to practice departures, arrivals and approaches when I have a trip planned to somewhere interesting (Queenstown for example).

This video certainly has me interested in XEnviro.


@BeachAV8R Which one would you pick for XP10, the Carenado King Air C90 or the B200?

On another note, isn’t this the most adorable aircraft you’ve ever seen?!


Great having you guys comment on the environment, since you experince it professionally.


They look adorable when you see a real one on the ramp too ;). They are supposedly very good airplanes, and certainly look the part whereas the Eclipse looks like a toy in comparison. I’m sure the price of the Phenom is somewhat higher though.


As much as I love the B200, I’ll probably get the B1900D this time around. Something a bit different, but more or less, the same panel and systems. It should be quite the revenue generator in FSE as well. Not nearly as sexy for sure.


I just want to go up it and scream over excitedly “LOOK IT WANTS TO BE A JET AWWWW” :wink:


Guess there was no x-plane labour day sale this year. Could’ve sworn they usually hold one.


pcaviator.com is having a sale, but the XP offerings are a bit light. Does this portend an exodus away from FSX/P3D? I’ll admit even with Orbx scenery that P3D is beginning to look very long in the tooth, especially now that pre built ortho photos for XP are out of the bag.



One thing to be aware of us that the Carenado Phenom G1000/Prodigy won’t fly SIDS/STARS or VNAV. Might be a deal breaker for some of you pros. Otherwise, it’s a completely delightful aircraft.