X-Plane releases thread


X-plane org store daily deals has the Souldmade DHC-2 Beaver(wheels, float) for sale(19.95$), It’s been on my list for a while and I suppose I am not alone in that!


I may also have gotten the Carenado Kingair C90 at the same time… Don’t judge me! :wink:

See what @BeachAV8R has to say about it here: http://www.mudspike.com/soulmade-simulations-dhc-2-beaver/


Only caution is that these planes are still designed for XP10, and some of the XP11 updates are paid (full cost). Last time I checked, there was going to be an xp11 update for the SMS beaver, but wasn’t clear whether it would be paid (or when it would come).

Just a heads up!


That one is definitely a beauty…! Good choice. I have a few XP11 model airplanes that are on my short list. Waiting for a big sale…


Good advice. Definitely check the X-Plane.org developer forums for the aircraft you want to purchase @TheAlmightySnark to make sure that compatibility is OK or planned…


Ah yes, I am still on XP-10 so smooth sailing for me :stuck_out_tongue: But very good advice for the avid XP11 users out there!


Ooooh…! A local favorite…CUB - Columbia Owens SC by MisterX:

I have a story about this fence. Back in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, these fences sprang up all over the country at these little local airports. Well, we flew down there at 1AM to pick up a patient, and nobody could figure out how to get the ambulance through the gates or fence. So we had to fly to CAE to complete the transport…


This is the best aircraft I’ve seen so far in the way the carburatted combustion engine is simulated. double thumbs up for that!

Not sure on the spelling, carburettor in English I suppose. The device that mixes air and fuel based on the position of the choke and the pressure in the inlet duct. It’s really interesting tech that I think most pilots on here used to fly with when they were all wee little aircraft botherers :wink:


American’s often use ‘carburetor’ as it sounds less romantic and butch.


I personally am of the school of thought that everything engine related should sound French and like a dish. Preferably at the same time.


There’s a nice little scenery for Ohio, much in the same region @EightBall is working on. It’s called ID32:


Unfortunately I cannot get this to work for the life of me. I see it is being loaded in in the log file but it doesn’t allow me to pick the water runway options, or draw any of the ramps and buildings that are supposed to be there. I checked the files in WED and they definitely look like the real airport:

So yeah, I’m out of idea’s for now and off to bed. But if anyone has brilliant idea’s then I am happy to hear it!


I’ve got the other Beaver, but sometimes wish that I had that one. Looking good TAS. I think that you are smart to test both departure and arrival airports in X-Plane before accepting a job. I’ve had some really big surprises when I was in a hurry.


KCUB is going to look really nice on top of the just released Southeast US Orthophotos.


Managed to get ID32 working. Opened up the DSF and the DAT file in WED and saved them again… Perhaps the export target wasn’t valid since when I went to download it from the Gateway it told me “This is included by default in XP11”.


Nice looking TFFJ - St. Barts (payware). Not something I’d hop on at that price ($22.95)…but on a sale I might grab it. It was the first airport I featured for my PC Pilot “Challenging Airports” series that started six years ago…


Nice looking KJGG (Williamsburg/Jamestown VA) scenery (freeware) by Belga12345 - looks almost payware quality with regards to all the details…obviously you’ll need a bunch of the object libraries…


Fortunately, not.

“This package requires the following libraries: NONE!!!”

Thanks for the heads-up. Downloading…


Note for all, the utility that downloaded a whole load of scenery libraries is unfortunately not working anymore. There is also no alternative as far as I am aware.


$5 to whoever flies this to our destination for the Christmas flight this year…


If the destination is Austin Tx, then I’ll fly it :wink:
Talking of the Christmas flight, any ideas where we should head this year?