X-Plane releases thread


It’s never the wrong moment for some E.L.O. …


I was kind of thinking…drumroll…Christmas Island…! (YPXM) Should be accessible to nearly everyone. Not sure on what scenery is available for it for X-Plane and FSX/P3D. I’ll have a promotional flyer go out in a month or two so people can plan…!


Wait… I knew Easter Island but—Christmas Island?
Well, TIL something… Thanks MUDSPIKE.COM.


Holy moley, I was thinking about using a prop plane, may have to get started now…


Hmmmm doable I guess.
I must pick a plane to do that in XP11 because I sure won’t use FSX anymore so the Citation X is no option.


Oh that’ll take some time to get to… I am still exploring South America and the Idaho/Wyoming area.


Christmas Island… that’s a long way, but it should provide some stunning and very scenic flights. A preliminary look shows that we would push up to the Pacific NW, up into Alaska, across the Aleutians, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Sumatra and then Christmas Island. I’m thinking that if you were to plan an out and back, it wouldn’t be a stretch to shoot for a circumnavigation… hmmm.


So how big a hdd would I need to OrthoXP the whole world in XP11 for the flight to Christmas Island?




Terrabytes and Terrabytes of HD Ortho Ocean Water.


Also I like it. Only question is do I want to do a great circle to Japan then Hop down to Taiwan, the Philippines, across Borneo to Singapore, then Sumatra and Java? Or do I want to take the middle route back through Latin America to Easter Island, French Polynesia, The Solomons, Oz/PNG, Timor and Java?

Decisions, Decisions :thinking:


I’m going unconventional…


At least I won’t have to do much flight planning. My route to Antarctica in 2016 (KATL->KLAX->PHNL->NFFN->NZAA->NZWD). What about Christmas Island Nova Scotia? :wink:


Since I will probably not have much time I will most likely grab a jet and fly something like
Germany -> Israel -> India -> Christmas Island
Four to six hops should do it… But with which plane…


An airfoil is an airfoil, as mi dear pappa used to say! :wink:



I’m going to NOTAM 3/4 of the runway at Christmas Island out of service just to make it interesting…LOL…


So much for Christmas spirit eh? :wink:

I’m kind of looking forward to this year’s Christmas Flight. I’m in the middle of updating my stock XP11 scenery as I was still using the initial Beta files. Hopefully that will let me fly above 60ºN (and S). It’s a sizable update though. I might be done with that by tomorrow night all being well (due to my slooooow internet connection).

I’m considering doing this in the VSkylabs DC3. Is the PMDG DC6 compatible with XP11?


A new XP release heralded in with the usual excellent Thomas Rasmussen video, the Garmin GTN equipped Velocity V-Twin from Aerobask, perhaps the savior of the light twin. I didn’t have a clue about this aircraft, but a little G-search turned up some very interesting details.


AOPA test flight and video


Very cool looking bird. Looks like the props would be pretty susceptible to nicks from thrown up rocks on the roll…