X-Plane releases thread


I would say no more then a normal nose mounted prop. I know the cooling of engines like this and the entering the prop is a little less clean but other then that there’s no real disadvantage(Well, weight is shifted back). The only real danger would be on rotation when the edge of the prop moves slightly closer to the ground.


Wheels up landing might pose a slightly different approach. In other words to get it as slow as possible, the AOA would be pretty high with the canard. Props would be the first point of contact most likely. Not a deal breaker IMHO.


I’m pretty sure it is a factor…

“On tailless pushers such as the Rutan Long-EZ the propeller arc is very close to the ground while flying nose-high during takeoff or landing. Objects on the ground kicked up by the wheels can pass through the propeller disc, causing damage or accelerated wear to the blades or, in extreme cases, the blades may strike the ground.”


Ah yes, well a wheels up landing wrecks most powerplant types though!


Ah yes my bad, I had forgotten about our good ol’ FOD machine, the landing gear!


We need mud flaps.

Our old Citation suffered from lots of broken landing lights from main landing gear spin up debris. The lights are super inconveniently placed directly on the top of the gear, mounted to the strut. They get hit by stuff, cold water, vibration… We went through them pretty quickly, but they are “Pro Parts” meaning when we break one, they just ship us a new one.


Damn that’s some nice acquisition team you’ve got there. I’ve got no idea about the NLG LDG lights on our 73NG series, I think that’s a line replacement, I do know it all suffers a bit in there though. That’s why the -200 gravel kit was invented!

On another note, surely we can find a better place to put the lights?! I see no reason to put them on there…


Well, we pay for it for sure. The nice thing is we have a Cessna Service Center about an hour and a half drive away…so parts usually come quickly by courier if we are in a jam…

Later Citations put a combined recognition light and landing light in the tip of the wings on the leading edge. Much better place.

You can just barely see the type we have…just above the main landing gear wheels up near the well in this pic…


Wow another nice one from Aerobask, they are becoming one of my favorite devs, will save a spot for this one in my virtual hangar when it gets a sale.


Not a release - but coming soon will be the Carenado Do 228 for X-Plane. The FSX/P3D version is fantastic…so this is great news. They posted a few images to their Facebook page:


And the FlightFactor A320 Closed Beta is apparently ramping up in the next 24 hours. There are some requirements to be considered (not the least of which is some money ~ $80-ish)…


Geez $80 seems a bit steep, That comes with the flight attendant too right?


I guess they are shooting for PMDG level of greatness. I have no opinion one way or the other on it simply because I don’t know enough about it. If it really is PMDG level of an A320 for XP11, it would be hard for me to resist at any price. That said, I have the JAR A320 and haven’t flown it barely 15 minutes just out of time constraints. I don’t know if I need a full study A320 or if the JAR “A320 experience” is close enough for me. I have to admit, the older I’m getting the less I find I need every single knob and button simulated. But on those modules that I do pick up that have those features (mostly DCS modules at this point)…I do find I enjoy the process of really learning them.

I know. I’m waffling. LOL…


I like the JAR A320, however its an Airbus, the preferred flight method is taxi, and push autopilot and then taxi to gate. Even if it is PMDG quality you are paying $80 for a autopilot sim, Is it wrong that if it was $60 i would have no problem with it but an extra $20 puts me off?


Not really - I think around 4-5 years ago the $60 price point became the de-facto “expert” level study sim price point. For reasons (profit?, declining user base?, inflation?) that I’m not sure about…that level has crept up a bit. As a techno goob - I sort of like the button pushing stuff. It is still quite an accomplishment to plan and fly even a fully managed flight from wheels in the well to pushing the button to taxi off the runway. And there really isn’t anything preventing you from clicking off the automation and flying “green needles” manually (albeit FBW) just like any other plane. I’m of two mindsets though - I enjoy all the button pushing, but I also enjoy firing up the Shade Tree Husky, pushing the primer and starter, and just flying an Alaskan strip to put down in.


I’m pretty much the same way these days, which is probably why I am enjoying the VSKyLabs DC3 so much.


I heard the A320 will only be available to a select chosen few who already own a multitude of FF modules, though. I wonder when it will be fully released to the public.

Funny thing is, I heard it was available to everyone by accident for a short time. I don’t think to many people bought it, though. It costed only $320,000!


Checks his Air Hauler company account… I CAN AFFORD IT!!


I accidentally bought the Alabeo C404 for XP10, believing it to be for XP11, from Just Flight.

When I realised my mistake I asked JF support if it would work in 11 and they said definitely not, and gave me a refund.

I didn’t test it. Seems for Alabeo at least, XP10 means XP10 only.

Oh - just realised I’m miles behind the times - again! You lot shouldn’t post so much! Well, at least not until I’ve caught up :wink:


Has it been posted that X-Plane-dot-org is probably still not safe?
Basing myself off of the reddit.com/r/flightsim thread where the consensus seems to be that the .org store still doesn’t know what exactly happened, and the site is probably still unsafe.


TL;DR: Avoid visiting/logging in at x-plane-dot-org

Edit to avoid hyperlinks to said site