X-Plane releases thread



Yeah, I still haven’ changed my password, because I haven’t seen either of my user names or email addy on the list. Waiting for some sort of official announcement that the site is clean. Wary atm.


Oh man…the news I’ve been waiting for…! One of my favorite aircraft in X-Plane…

Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v1.8 Update! - X-Plane 11 Compatibility is here!

X-Aviation and X-Scenery are proud to announce the release of the Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 v1.8 update! This update brings X-Plane 11 compatibility and is for X-Plane 11 only!

Visual Enhancements:

XP11 Reflective Glass over Instruments 
XP11 Reflection on exterior
XP11 Reflective Yokes
Subtle changes to lighting highlights on panel
New throttle knobs per the real thing

Flight Model Changes:

EGT on engine start more within realistic limits
New annunciator system with more realistic lighting effects
Texture on turn/slip indicators cleaned up to make the balls visible
Refined electrical system power consumption
Added second battery and battery isolation switches per the real thing
Fixed brakes to be consistent. Used to be ‘locked on’ after first landing


Never mind. Too much to ask. I’ll find it :grin:


Btw: Is there a high quality Citation X for xp11 now?
I just love that plane for some reason.
Other business jets can be cool as well but IMO none beats the Citation X in the combination of speed, good looks, range, and size just small enough to still land at many small airports.


Not that I’m aware of. Of course, I keep hoping we will see the Leading Edge Simulations Citation II at some point…but development has been pretty slow…


Beach referenced this free scenery back in September:

Jamestown, VA

If you go to that link (@x-plane.org) you will find not just the download for KJGG but also more links to other area airports also made by the designer, Belga12345. All of them are little games unto themselves, full of 3D art, animation and Easter eggs. Some items can be interacted with by getting close hitting the key combo to open the canopy or set the brake. When some of you get back from Christmas Island and want something a little less time consuming to play with, this might be worth the download.


I got the free trial for Flyinside and it makes a huge difference. I struggle to get a good head position but it looks and feels so much better. Can’t wait for native VR support :slight_smile: Getting the Jamestown scenery now. Overall very impressed I will have to get round to the manual soon and pick your brains with flight planning etc
Happy flying :heart_eyes:


I really feel like FlyInside + X-Plane is one of the closest things to feeling like I’m in an actually airplane that I’ve felt. I flew a night circle to land in VR and X-Plane the other night…and just the feel of the VR headset, plus the night lighting in X-Plane, all combined to really just make it super immersive. The next gen of higher resolution headsets is going to make simming so freakin’ incredible - I’m really excited for it.


I hope they can optimise it better as currently you need such horsepower to run it smoothly, especially true for DCS.
Just taken off from Belfast and a short hop across the Irish sea in the MD 80- awesome


That MD-80 is beautiful in VR (you talking about the default one right?) (the Rotate one is great too)…the size of the cockpit really translates well in VR.


Just the stock one. It was the first opportunity to try a big jet, there is a lot to like about X P 11. I had the very first version a million years ago and enjoyed landing a space shuttle but it was in competition with OFP and IL2 so never really got a look in. I think it will be getting a dedicated SSD soon to cope with all the additions out there :slight_smile:
BTW is it MP compatible ?


Other than telling people how your landing was in Teamspeak, no.


FYI, I just reverted back to the production build after having a bunch of weirdness with the latest beta build. That’s why they call it beta, I suppose. Anyway, I’ll miss the controller profiles. Here’s hoping that LR finishes up their G1000, because in the current state of Carenado G1000 flux, a bunch of cool aircraft are left in the hanger. The PC-12, TBM850, Thranda Kodiak, Phenom 100, C206, etc. A couple of those are suppose to be XP11 compatible too.

At least GNS530 and 430 aircraft are fine, including the B1900D, C90, and B200. G500 aircraft should be good too, since they pull their data from the Navigraph compatible GNS430.


…except now I think that there is a problem with the FM in the current production build. Has anyone noticed an diminished effectiveness in the pitch axis? In the B19000D I almost ran out of runway departing 33 at KCHS and landing at KPDK on 03L hammered the main gear even at about 20 knots over VRef. What’s up with that? Did not have any such behavior in the beta builds.


Looks like the XP11 version of the Do228 has been released…



noticed this in the store just now. Still not for sale for the general population it seems.


This is what got my attention.

Support for RealityXP’s GTN750


So I just wanted to let you all know that this thread caused me to buy X-Plane yesterday and a Q-400 to fly in it. I hope you are all happy…


I got it last week and I love it, figured how to use Ortho4XP and flying for 15 minutes at a time with flyinside demo :dizzy_face:


Can’t wait for the official VR support, I was actually considering Aerofly up till I found the info on XPlanes plans.