X-Plane releases thread


Its only the promise of VR support which has stopped me buying flyinsideXP. The money I save will go to pay for Oculus controllers which look necessary to interact with the 3d cockpits :slight_smile:


Looks like more than a promise to me:

I think its just a matter of when, there is an official post about it coming after 11.10 is released, they are shooting for the end of the year. I think they may miss that now, but its still going to be here soon.


I am currently installing this

to run alongside the Ortho4XP which makes a big difference to the look of the Sim


And here are the results. I am more than impressed


GBPro is great, just be aware that some airports, you need to do some work with exclusion zones because it lines the runways with shrubs straight down the centreline haha. I mean it’s only cosmetic, but still.


Just to follow-up on the issue that I was having with losing effectiveness in the pitch axis in the B1900D and the JF Arrow. Someone else reported the same behavior in the Do 228, and it turns out that there is a simple explanation. It seems that in Carenado or Thranda destigned a/c (JF Arrow), you must run stability augmentation at 0. I had been tinkering wth this a bit and was running it at -25%. I am on a biz trip this weekend, so haven’t tested.


Beach, have you tried the Carenado S550? Would be be very curious as to your impression.


Glad you had the same engine experience as I have actually with the default FSW PA46 @TheAlmightySnark.

I am absolutly not quite sure about the engine. My last hop to the Xmas island ended after cca 700nm instead of the cca 1400nm range = out of fuel :smile_cat:

I didnt find any available ‘entertainment’ documentation on the web. If you would not mind would you (or anyone else) be so kind as to share your resources or what you have learned so far about this nice plane? :slight_smile: thx in advance


This might help gents. Looking at one of the manuals here shows a max TiT of 1750F. @NEVO, I assume that you leaned your mixture during climb and cruise?


It’s been a few months since I did a trip in the Mirage but I remember that the fuel flow and torque were of importance. It really is a fun engine though, love the turbine part that is being driven by a normal combustion engine!

Does yours not have a fuel flow gauge though?


As you can read @chipwich and @TheAlmightySnark, in Annual Xmas thread, I did lean the mixture and also there is the fuel flow gauge… but I did it completely wrong! :baby:


No worries NEVO. Nice save BTW. :+1:


Not Xplane related as such but if you want to use real world data and find the most challenging flying


NoJoe is reporting that the Do228 will get a small update soon to fix flaps behavior. I’ve been holding off on adding this aircraft until the first update.

FYI, the B1900D had an update v1.1 that added the XP11 FMS (basically eye candy because it just inputs to the GNS530) and fix some other small issues. My only complaint with it to this point is a small one, not being able to turn off the tail flood.


So I’ve thought for a while that there might be something amiss with Carenado and the flight model, especially with the B1900D, but it likely affects other aircraft as well. Even those that have been updated for XP11. I thought that there was a solution by setting the Stability Augmentation to 0, as I stated above. But that appears to be a band aid as Carenado, in particular Dan Klaue try to work something out with Austin and company. Rather than me try to fumble through an explanation, here is a very interesting post with regard to the matter. My issue with it is still elevator effectiveness lacking. I.E. at flaps 17, the POH states that at 16,000 lbs the stall speed should be 90 kts. If I at 110 kts in a light airplane, the stick is all the way back to the stop in the flare.


“…since XP11.05, there’s been a change in how airflow is calculated, especially the wingtip vortices and the related ground effect…”

Wow - that’s interesting. I did not know that was being modeled…! And that’s a nice and detailed response from a developer (encouraging to see!)… Glad you are pursuing this…


Hey @chipwich - you probably already mentioned it - and apologies if you did, but do you have any opinions about the (now dated) Aero Sim Gaming flight model for the Carenado PC-12?

I’m guessing some changes have been made under the hood of XP11 since this one was posted (Feb 20), but I just loaded my Carenado PC-12 and it was pretty much unflyable in XP11, but after applying the Aero Sim Gaming files, I think it is much, much better. I’m considering using the PC-12 for the Christmas trip, so I’ve been testing it at KMUD and so far, with those files, it seems to be flying pretty well.


No Chris, I wasn’t aware of that version of the FM. Will give it a try!


With the AeroSimGaming FM the annunciator panel was a lot happier, but it seemed that the ITT was really high for the torque setting. You can sure haul a lot of beer in that thing!

Edit: turned the second part of this post into a separate topic.



Does this means that XP11 is still not out of beta?