X-Plane releases thread



Totally worth it. Even better than the FJS 727 V3, which is pretty good too.


You should hear the flight attendants complaining about the cabin temperature in the JAR A320… :smile:


Darn you guys! I might get this thing just to compare it to the -300 and -500, which are the oldest models I flew. Plus I want to see if I can remember how to use the Delco Carousel. It’s more than paid for by the discount.

Ugggh. Just bought. I HATE spending money!


And my work here is done :wink: .

I just had a bit of an X-Plane splurge (I know, yet another one)… I really shouldn’t buy the 737-200, but it is a very good discount.


This was already in the previous version for XP-10! I don’t think I’ve ever written a review on the 732, although I constantly annoy people here with my love for the tinmouse! I suppose you could gather all of my scriptures and call it a review vis a vis a cult but… eeh? :wink:

The XP-11 version looks absolutely gorgeous. in XP-10 the Flightdeck to me was perfect already, probably one of the best out there but the exterior could use some work. I just looked through the screenshots and wow, does that not disappoint!

EDIT: Better Pushback was not in XP-10, that was a different pushback system, this one actually does look better.


You wrote a very nice CIVA how-to which used the “junk jet” (as we called it) for the cover shot.


Cause i love it :heart: cutest 737 of the whole lot! Not boring and long like those modern ones. Nop! Proper short and stubby with visually pleasing engines!


Well, my resolve lasted all of one night. I started reading about Alaska Airlines ‘Milk Run’ using the 737, then found a nice Alaska livery on the FlyJSim website, and I had enough points for the CIVA left on my .org account.

So, this is going to be a fun airplane to fly I think. Maybe I should take it to the South Pacific instead of the Solent flying boat. I’ll have to think on that.


Soon, everyone here will fly and talk about the CIVA and my plan shall come to completion! :see_no_evil:


@TheAlmightySnark, your tutorial certainly piqued my interest and tipped me over the edge on the decision to buy the 732/CIVA combo. Maybe I should hand over the Mudspike’s Dr Evil title to you :wink: .


Haha perhaps, although @Chuck_Owl is also getting a kickback from FJS for this :wink:


You are all partly responsible! Lol.


Roflmao don’t remind me… (sigh)


After a quick flight from LGA-ORD-LGA, I am impressed. There are a few oddities—seeing all the warning lights illuminated with the BAT on and battery powered systems on is odd to me. (At least half the lights should extinguish). The huge amount of yoke needed to flare makes what should be a sweet little pussycat something of a bear on landing. [EDIT: Trimming nose up slightly more than needed helps, as does being gentle throttling to idle.] Otherwise I felt right at home. That thing is about as simple as the Huey. Loads of fun!

[PS Edit] I want to say more without spamming the thread. What a work of art! Flying this thing is like going back home only to find the paint, furniture and appliances all what they were 15 years ago. It’s mind-bending. The sounds are really, really special. I mean Dreamfoil special. They are that good. I didn’t feel that way at first but realized that “exterior sounds” was set at 800 (on a scale of 100). It was horrid. But once a dialed it back to “80” I was able to appreciate their work. They captured perfectly the “clunk” when you put a CSG (generator) on line. I actually recorded the trim wheel for the guys a x737 but the same sound was captured much better on this -200. When you raise the gear you can hear the nose tires rub the snubbers in the wheel well. If you walk through the cabin the wind and engine noise are correct and change realistically with position. And when you get all the way to the aft galley you can just barely hear a couple of girls chatting. When a new 737 pilot does his/her first takeoff in the full motion sim, they ALL make the same mistake: They pause at about 8 degrees until they realize that some more “haul” is needed to finish the rotation. This is due to the change in point of rotation from wheels to CG. The FJS 737 captured this perfectly and I made the same old mistake on my first go. The F/D and A/P logic are way different than the later 737-300. I thought the two paddles were AP 1 and 2 but they are “aileron” and “elevator”. Really archaic. But very pleasant to use in actual operation. I still think there might be a bug in the F/D and A/P roll mode selectors. But I am not certain about that and, in any case, once you figure it out all modes are useable and work as expected. Performance seemed plausible. If I have some time I plan to grab an old POH and compare the numbers. A very rough rule of thumb in all 737’s (except maybe the max) is to set your desired IAS as fuel flow. So, if you want 250 knots, set 2500 pph on each motor. This worked with well enough here. The wing is the same as the -300 and -500 I flew way back when. Mach and rate of climb seemed about right. But she really looses steam above FL250. That might be real. Or it might be an XP thing. But I have noticed this in other planes on those rare occasions when I have left the deck. Anyway…lovin’ this little tub! The 407 is still my favorite XP machine by far. Now, the junk jet is a close second.

When you hop in for the first time, you might find yourself in a very odd position. But if you don’t know the 737 you might not realize it. In VR especially, it is important to get it right. First, use the “<, >” keys to place your butt roughly in line with the VOR heads. Then with the “up and down” keys get yourself just high enough to barely make out the top of the glareshield.


I don’t have the 737 but do have the 727 v3…are the sounds awesome (because the 727 ones are)… I also love how they nailed the glow of lamps and things like that.


I might have to get this one in the next month or so. The Hawk is the only military fast jet I have been able to fly in, way back in 1992. I didn’t get to keep my breakfast, but it was still an amazing experience…


Ahem, have you considered getting it this season? It’s a lovely bird that even makes @smokinhole go a bit crazy! :wink:


@PaulRix. Look, I know Beach gets a kickback from these insipid promotions. But et tu Brute! Stop it man–please. I have kids to feed. I have a broken airplane into which I am heaping more money than she is worth. I have a retirement fund that will need to support us through what I hope is a long and happy geezer phase. My daughter wants to go to college. And here you are throwing irresistible $50 planes on the forum like they free candy at the doctor’s office. I can’t resist that! I mean I am trying but eventually the evil corporations with fancy algorithms like Amazon, Google and now MUDSPIKE(!) always win.

Now, with that aside, I’d like to continue another long running complaint. The promotion videos for the Hawk are, of course, beautiful. But they don’t name the scenery. Obviously most of it is non-stock ortho. I want to know what it is. And since it makes their product look even better I think they have an obligation to do a little cross-promotion.


I’ll try to behave for the next week or so :wink: . Normally I only buy civilian aircraft for X-Plane and stick with DCS for military flying. This Hawk does look good though, and it feels Ike the VEAO Hawk still has a long way to go. This one, in VR, flying the Mach Loop… and there I go again ;)…


I know @PaulRix has an attachment to the Hawk for personal reasons…so that is all good. Personally, I’m probably mostly done with buying military aircraft for X-Plane and P3D since I just think DCS World does the operational stuff better. Yes, TacPak and FSXWar or whatever they are called are pretty cool, but I still just can’t get into military planes too much for those civilian sims.