X-Plane releases thread



I said “cutback”…meant “kickback”. Funny how those two similar words mean such entirely different things. Regarding the Hawk, several old Navy friends spoke really highly of the T-45. As much in love with the T-38 as I have always been, what I have heard about the Hawk makes me think I would probably enjoy it more. Pilots were very comfortable spinning and snapping the Hawk. You almost never hear that about jets. But the Hawk must have been as forgiving and predictable as it was blood-pumpingly maneuverable. The Navy version probably less so since it was changed considerably for carrier training. But those guys still seemed to like it.


Yes, I’ve been looking hard at the Hawk as well. As much as the B732 tugs at my heartstrings, I’d probably put more seat time in the Hawk. Looks delicious.


I didn’t last more than 14 hours… I just had to have it. :heart_eyes:


Man…the 737 is in my basket at the .ORG…even got so far as having the Paypal confirmation text sent to my phone…but I haven’t pulled the trigger. I know I’d love it…but I just bought the 727 and I have a dozen other planes I should be happy with at the moment…



Well you know what I would do… :thinking:




Well let me help. Don’t do it! There’s is much that is right about it and very little of consequence wrong with it. But the 727 is very similar in look, feel and general old-school coolness. Buying the 737 gives you nothing you don’t possess already other than the scratching of a curiosity itch. The reason I own so few planes and helicopters is that I only buy if I gain something beyond simply figuring out something new.

Having said that, I really must repeat how totally real that cockpit feels. I flew from Newark to Orange County last night (for real) and spent half the flight fantasizing about a report I want to write about the 737-200. Today I sat in my hotel room reading a downloaded -200 manual cover to cover. I’d kill for a performance section but no joy yet through google.


I’m having trouble comprehending you there… I think you said “Do It!” Yep, that’s definitely what I think I heard. :wink:


That’s just wrong… :flushed::grinning:


Haha…two transmissions at once “BLOCKED”… :rofl:

I’m gonna just stick with the 727 for now I think. I don’t need another shiny distraction when I have so many already!


Hawk… :smiley: You could ask @komemiute nicely to paint it up as a T45… Just sayin’ :wink:


F-14 Tomcat in X-Plane 11.30?



What @PaulRix said.
I wasn’t really following the discussion but if you can give me a small briefing I can do it- I guess.

For Mudspikers, free of charge.


The 732 is totally different though, only two engines, smaller, its a 737. It’s a -200. Why would you not get it? Do you not love us anymore? :wink:


So to get me over the shakes from not having bought the -200, I went ahead and took a look at the freeware 737-900 Ultimate. It feels really good, and looks good, but I don’t know anything about anything with regards to these aircraft. I believe the Ultimate is based on the freeware Zibo modded 737-800. I think the Zibo is modded version of the default X-Plane 737-800. I could be wrong about all that.

Wagged some V-speeds for a mid weight, and then forgot I had RTO on when I landed, but it didn’t seem to engage…or maybe tapping the brakes disengages the system (I think it does on the Airbus maybe…I dunno). Anyway, nice flying airplane. I know nothing about the FMC or autopilot. Something to explore on another day. Default livery is plain white…not sure about repaints. The price was right…

The beta is available HERE

Maybe a list of liveries HERE


Sorry if that was my fault. :frowning:

RTO does nothing on landing, fortunately! Autobrakes can be kicked of with lots of pressure or by seating the speedbrake lever.


Haha…no…I had actually sorta decided to defer on it anyway since I have a few other irons in the fire so to speak. I know I’d love it, but I still have a lot of that 727 to explore.

So this thing has a HUD pulldown, but I can’t figure out how to turn it on. I do have a HUD payware thingy that sorta overlays it, but it is only in the 2D panel. Not sure if there is a default 2D view that also includes the HUD. I haven’t read much (cough any) documentation on the Ultimate 737-900 yet…


Looks great. I will have to give it a try. The -900ER is my favorite. Its a bit of a challenge to land well but when you get it right it always brings a smile.

BTW, @BeachAV8R, next time set your pressurization correctly! The little amber light on the instrument panel is telling you that in 10 minutes you are going to have 188 unconscious passengers who will not be happy when they wake up. Oh, and fly faster.


In the 787 the hud is turned on with a brightness knob and you can declutter it with a button on the yoke. Perhaps the 737 has that too? The HUD reminds me a lot of the 787.