X-Plane releases thread



Yeah, I saw the light, went up to the overhead and futzed around with the pack switches but never saw what I was hoping to see (differential going up and cabin going back down)…

I’m a Citation pilot. It’s not in my DNA :rofl: What is a typical 737 profile? Something like 250 to 10K, 320 to Mach something? Ours is simple - 250 to Mach .62 then hold that on the way up…(which explains a lot of the “Medevac - turn 15 left for overtaking traffic” calls…)


Above 10, if we are not in a hurry or it’s bumpy, 280/M.79 in climb and M.79 in cruise. If we are late (or one of us has a tight connection for our commute home) 320/M.80 or whatever mach a cost index of 120 will earn. As you get lighter that will be M.805.

ps–you probably know that the early Citations had chicken wire installed at the engine exhausts to protect against birdstrikes.


This is rather interesting. For owners of the Carenado C152 for XP10, an unofficial but authorized free update to XP11, including a bunch of cool VR enabled features. Debates whether the FD is better than the JF C152 are ongoing.


:wink: The benefit, of course, is that that ridiculously slow wing is sooooo easy to fly. Thank goodness for that at 4AM when you’ve been up for the previous 24 hours… :dizzy_face:


I take it they have flame arrestors at the forward end then too?


Rotisserie spits.


I don’t know if this is a sale. Its not listed as such. But yesterday it was $72. Today it is $58. I almost bought yesterday. Phew! (v. 3 coming soon maybe?). I don’t even care to fly. I just want a procedures and systems trainer.



BeachAV8R nervously looks at his inventory, exhales a sigh of relief to see that he actually already owns the 757 v2…crisis averted…


And yes, it is a sale. It must have started this morning because the Sale page only had 40 or so items this morning, and now it has 48. Including…uh oh…the A320 Ultimate…


Ahh I see. And thanks for the offline help. I am really looking forward to getting all the flows down using a desktop sim for the first time in my life.


No problem. Got a bit busy today and I’ll respond properly to that offline stuff… The whole - I need 28 hours in each 24 hour day thing… You know how that goes… zzzz…


This isn’t a release - but a modification to the X-Aviation Mitsubishi Mu-2 that adds the incredibly awesome Reality XP GTN 750 to the panel. The RXP GTN 750 for X-Plane is a payware instrument…so you do have to already have that. More and more vendors are including compatibility with the GTN, which is great news. Those aircraft that don’t support it natively have to be modded to make it happen. Thankfully there are some talented people that are slowly making some of those aircraft happen.

BlackJackBaron provided the modded files to integrate the GTN into the Mu-2: HERE

The X-Aviation Mu-2 in itself is a fantastic add-on. It has been updated to X-Plane 11…and the only real thing I see wrong with it currently is that the engine temps seem to be a bit too low, but it doesn’t really cause any problems that I can see.

Panel with the GTN working. All the touch functions work so far as I can tell. The only thing that doesn’t work is the (D)irect key on the bezel…for some reason that brings up the default GNS, from which you can hit the enter key to have the GTN register the Direct key input. A small bug that really doesn’t change the overall functionality…

Off we go to practice an RNAV approach…

Approach chart overlay in action…

Heading out for the procedure turn at Twenty Nine Palms…

Back inbound. I still need to see if the pseudo glideslope is working…this approach doesn’t have LPV mins, but most units will give a pseudo glideslope even with just LNAV mins as a means to get there using a constant decent path to the MAP. What I was seeing on my HSI with respect to the glideslope didn’t seem to be indicating a pseudo glideslope…


And I just came across this for the Mu-2 - SimVRlabs VR Mod Complete (I have not tried this yet):



And nevermind on that - I was still running version 1.5 and it has been updated to version 1.9 (which will be the last X-Plane 11 version according to the developer…any future version will be a new product since this one has been continuously upgraded from the XP10 model…)


Excuse my rambling. So that GTN mod was for version 1.5…so I have an e-mail in to the author asking if he can tweak it for the 1.9 version of the Mu-2 (or maybe I can just rename the 1.5 files to match the 1.9 naming convention). So I’ll report back when it is all updated…


I don’t have the MU2, but the GTN750 is awesome. It almost makes things too easy as there is so much information at your fingertips and it is so intuitive to use.


I hope that this hasn’t been linked.


This looks interesting. Sort of a light Air Hauler, but with no money to worry about. You just pick a plane, and an airport to start at, and then missions are generated from there… Available on the org store for $15




Bookmarked! That looks like exactly what I want! Air Hauler without the pressure.


This looks really nice, missing a bit of basebuilding and the gathering of aircraft which I do like about Air Hauler but there’s hope:

If you change something that others might find useful, please share it back to the community. Be aware that publishing your own versions of the whole plugin is software piracy, and not allowed. But, I hereby give you express permission to publish changed versions of the above files. Or better yet, email them to me at missiongenerator :at: mailbox :dot: org, and I might just include your changes in the next version of the Mission Generator!