X-Plane releases thread



So… how is it systems-wise? Accurate or sim-lite-ish?


I’ll have to dig a little deeper, but it seems decent enough. I don’t think we are talking DCS level here, but certainly above Sim-Lite ™.


The Carendo citation II just hit the stores for X-plane! $39.95



That happened because I dropped $38 on the Tornado earlier today. :crazy_face:


It’s good to see Chinese (or Taiwanese) starting to get into siming. I feel stupid almost in saying that because, given the size of the population, they may have way more people in the hobby than does the West. But only recently has it been noticeable to me.


Another nice one with a tight approach (these are always freeware unless I state it is payware by the way) for PNW flyers…

And another by NPNils…AJ4 Anahim Lake Airport:


And it’s always nice to see another addition by TDG - not my area of flying (EDWS - Norden-Norddeich Germany) but very nice!


Looks like X-Plane 11.30 Public Beta may release this weekend:



Nice find on Anahim. 50 miles from Bella Coola will make it a nice hop for @smokinhole, @PaulRix, and anyone else who plays in that area.


Oh Cool! At 3960’ it’s just long enough for the BAE Hawk.

I haven’t downloaded but I went to the airport’s website. Such a beautiful little terminal building. Vancouver has really turned into my state/province of choice. It’s got everything a pilot could want.

Here’s another plug for Quatam River


Obviously meant BC. (Don’t judge yet another Yank ignorant of Canadian geography)


Same for me, BC has really become my playground of choice recently (although now I have the OrbX GB South scenery, I have been lured away into the hills and mountains of Wales for some low level fast jet flying).


Is BC included if one refers to the area up there as the PNW?


I’m hoping that when OrbX releases their TrueEarth PNW scenery, they include at least some of BC. It will be interesting to see what area they plan to cover.


You’re asking me!? Seriously? I just called the whole region “Vancouver”!

(Another plug: You, Paul and me do a photo formation flight for your Hawk article.)


That would be fun… I’m not sure my internet connection would be good enough though… but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. :sunglasses:


I have always wanted to try X-Plane’s MP capabilities. I know they are pretty weak but for a flight of 3, it should serve. I don’t have the ORBX scenery and honestly I don’t plan on getting it. I have to pace my PayPal account. But I have the mesh and so long as I am not the one taking the screenshots, it wouldn’t matter. Anyway, Beach may have already submitted for all we know, but if you want to take a moment to try it, let me know.


Have not tried it yet, but willing.


11.30 beta 1 is out. Looks like we have 1.7 GB of goodness to play with:



OrbX have released Southampton (EGHI)… It kind of fell into my shopping basket . :wink: