X-Plane releases thread



Airport in England - Check!
Weather in England - Yea not so much…


The good news is: in x-plane YOU decide the weather! :slight_smile:


That looks really nice @PaulRix - eek! :money_with_wings:

@Tankerwade of all the years I spent in the UK, I could have really done with a slider for setting CAVOK instantly. It’s like the animals though, no-one dies of it… :slight_smile:


Those three bottom shots are indistinguishable from real. My how this little sim has grown!


Actually, I’m using FSGRW, and it matches up quite well with the current METAR.


Took it for a quick spin. Performance seems good in VR. ATC voices are new as well, as it pronounced my local airport correctly this time.

I’m with @smokinhole on the controls, I got all set up to HOTAS it like crazy and then just ended up C172’ing around using the touch controllers and pushing my seat back from my desk. So nice.


I guess it is time for me to start downloading then!


Suck on that GreatBrittainIsTheNewFlorida doubters!


LOL, I am pretty sure the only reason the UK has the occasional clear day, is just to prove the point that it isn’t always raining. :wink: .


11.30 came at the perfect time. The Quatam River scenery comes with a handful of spectacular mountatop pads and a few rough-hewn hillside temporary pads. All, but especially the hillsides, had an irritating feature of popping the helicopter up about 10 feet the instant you hovered over the “sweet spot”. X-Plane threw all of it’s computed ground effect at an instant. The only workaround (at least for my limited skills) was to hover high, at least 15 feet over the pad and settle down from there. Now it’s completely different. I can’t even tell that he ground effect is there. If it is, the onset is gradual and easily controlled. Haven’t tried fixed wing yet. I’m curious if the “anti-flare” that was really noticeable in heavier planes is still there.


Sitting in an English garden
Waiting for the sun
If the sun don’t come you get a tan
From standing in the English rain


It’s been clear this afternoon, but damn cold. Currently 4 degrees / 39 in old money and dropping. :snowflake:

Does it ever get that cold in Florida?


Looks like X-Plane 11 is now on sale through Steam.


Another nice one (free) - 60 miles south of Seattle - 43IG Grayland Intergalactic (yeah, odd name!)…by StevePHL…


Well, it is a long haul from the Pacific Northwest down to this area…but should you find yourself down in southern Brazil…just east of Campo Grande, you’ll find a little strip - Fazenda Cachoeira Branca (SIIE) (White Water Farm)…


That looks like a good smuggling airstrip.


I’m tempted by this for a couple of reasons…
First, I have a few hours logged in a C310R, and second, I like to support developers who are starting to support the X-Plane platform…



That’s what I got my multi in. Anything with a retractable boarding step can’t be all bad.


I got mine in a Seminole. The examiner was so paranoid about the performance that he would only let me do an engine shutdown and restart at a few thousand feet above the airport we took off from. Smart man though…never perform stuff like that at airports where you didn’t park.


Here is a really sweet looking field…but way over in Alvdalen, Sweden (maybe @Troll can hop over and check it out in real life in the Dash 8 some day…!)…