X-Plane releases thread



I don’t think they approve of joyrides


That’s about 100 miles from where I grew up, in Sweden! :slight_smile:


I wonder what sort of surface that is?


perhaps some sort of tenniscourt material? The gravel/asphalt thing?


Pulverized reindeer and vodka. Very durable and good MU values…


So apparently Milviz did a thing:



Nice. I’m going to check that out tonight. I love me some twin Cessnas…


Let me know what you think - I’m interested as well.


This is not a recommendation, but I noticed that the Carenado C340 got a refresh for XP11. I really like the XP10 version so hoping that this will be up to par.




  • 767-200ER (PW+GE engines)
  • 767-300ER (PW+RR+GE engines)
  • 767-300F (PW+GE+RR engines)

Flight Factor just released their Extended 767. Wide-body fans, rejoice!

There is also an upgrade available for 20 bucks if you go in your invoice of your original 767 order in the “My Account” menu of the Org Store.



Nice free vFlyteAir Ryan Navion 205…probably a slightly older model, but it’s free (well…donation ware) and it looks pretty good!


I know what I will be test flying today, thanks Chris!


Cool plane, you should check out what’s in the small comparment on the right hand side :wink:

Anyone knows how to make use of that tablet?


Oh man…this looks nice…



This is great news, I mean this is the equivalent of A2A AccuSim modules for P3D

JRollon Planes and SimCoders.com have joined their forces to bring this little marvel to you

  • The REP expansion pack from Simcoders is already included in the SF-260!




OrbX are releasing new content for XP11 at a rapid pace right now…


Random X-plane thought of the day:
Is there a nice P-38 Lightning for X-plane?


Ah Shoreham. I actually took my first flight lessons there, back in (calculating on stone tablets noise)… MCMLXXXVI. It was pretty expensive in the UK at that time, at least to keep going. Huge nostalgia for Shoreham for me, so another disk space/wallet eater.


It looks like a nice airport. Two grass runways, and a main paved runway. It blends in beautifully with the True Earth South scenery (as would be expected). OrbX are knocking it out of the park right now IMHO.