X-Plane releases thread



Payware P38 is available ( dont know about any freeware ). Check here


But be aware that the 38 is XP10 version obviously ( or older maybe ).
Definitely there are other nice XP11 warbirds like P47, P51, Meserschmits from MLADG, … …



I found a freeware one based on a former payware.
It is…ok but the flight model feels a bit off.


I guess you mean this one, just found it

This model was originally designed by Heinz Dziurowitz of myvirtualhanger with art work by Will Davies and was distributed as payware. X-Plane.org now have the copyright for this aircraft and have given permission to make a V11 version freely available to all members. Heinz has now sadly passed away, but all credit for the original work goes to him and Will - truly excellent work.

Acording to the text it is the same from HeinzD as the payware on the org store but now available for free for XP11… question is why it is stil seling? Payware for XP10 users !? …maybe…


I think this could be tweaked in PlaneMaker. Smal project for long winter nights :wink:


Yep that is the one.
There are a few minor texture bugs as well, but yeah I was also surprised it is free.

The flight model… I think they mainly made it too nimble and the engines too strong.
Or maybe I am just spoiled by DCSW flight models.



This is an aircraft sorely needed in DCS. I mean only if they want to sell a bunch. Simple, iconic, a blast to fly. Would be very high ROI IMHO.


Shhh! Don’t distract them. They have a lot on their plate already. I’ve been waiting a year for the updated 300, 350 and now this. The last thing they need is to get bogged down in DCS’s mess of tables and databases.

But… Should DCS ever become a decent soldier sim, a little insertion with guys hanging off the sides would be a hoot. We could call it “ARMA” :slight_smile:


I still want the OH-58 in DCS…mmmm…and if you have that, you (of course) have to have the Apache…


I’m not really a helicopter person but I would be tempted with a super cobra… Mmmmm


we talked about AW139 in the other thread


Yes, I stumbled across that a few days ago as well. I actually found it because someone had posted this firefighting ops utility to the X-Plane ORG and it referenced that AW139:

Until I saw that, I was unaware of the drama around that developer and the AW139. There are some people on the .ORG that are very passionate about the history of the developer. Apparently they may have used some other developers work in their product and they denied it for a prolonged period. I’m too tired to sort through it all and figure out if any bridges were mended, but if their new AW139 is their own work, and is of high quality, I’d love to check it out. I’m not against giving people a chance for redemption…but again, I really don’t know the whole story (nor do I really want to).


Me either dude. The HobbyDrama never interests me either.

What DOES interest me is the reaction I got from my little boy when he saw your picture of the helicopter on my phone screen…

He immediately toddled off and hit the power button on my pc and brought me an x box controller smiling and making helicopter noises

I may have something here.


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I went through a week-long rock climbing course on Pra Nang many years ago. If you have a bucket list and you like waves, sand, scantly clad girls in harnesses and crazy limestone formations, Krabi and environs should be on it.


It seems OrbX have been busy again. Earlier this week I saw that they had released Cardiff airport, and today I see that Goodwood is also available. Both look stunning when combined with True Earth GB South!


I really hope they give X-Plane their Papua New Guinea treatment. I can’t think of a more fun and exciting place to fly some of my bush planes.


Would love to see this too!

I don’t understand why bush flying is so poorly represented in flight sims.
Same for scenery at large, it’s always about Europe and North America, some diversity would be much appreciated.

I’d love to fly DC-3’s in South America, An-12’s or An-26’s in Africa