X4 Foundations


Wait til this summer.



Hmm, a bit of money off.

Has it had lots of patches and goodness applied since the last report?



Hmm I may consider getting that



You go first and report back :slight_smile:

I blew my monthly ‘bought by not actually playing’ budget on Metro Exodus, so feeling too guilty about that.

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Lol, will do. On standby tomorrow morning. If the phone doesn’t ring I may pull the trigger,



I refunded it. I was extremely disappointed by it. I try to make the best of things when I’ve bought them but this just felt like a sledgehammer blow of a let down.

Something felt wrong about this. I don’t know the exact reason for it but I felt it wasn’t the x series I loved but a weird bastardised version of it. So many things didn’t work properly and I felt like once again it was going to be 4 or 5 years before I got something amazing like x3 turned into.

I don’t feel like I have the time for this anymore when there are fantastic titles in my steam list I havent got stuck into yet.

I bought ‘into the breach’ with part of the refund. This was an excellent move as that game is stunning.

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This one?

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That’s the one. Sorry forgot to link.

If you ever played faster than light and enjoyed it you will Love this.

I think I have 90 hrs in ftl… And. I’m catching it up fast with this one as well.

I love them both.



I need to buy FTL for my iPad…I think it would be a good game to play while I’m sitting around at some point…

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It does irritate me slightly that there isn’t an android version…

But I can can forgive them as FTL is just a beautiful game. The music, the sounds. The style. It’s bordering on perfect.

Into the breach is about 85% as good as FTL. which sounds like a bad thing. It really isn’t.

Another similar game to FTL is convoy

Basically a clone… But on land with mad max vehicles and car chases… Fantastic (70 hours in that one)



Ohhh, I may hold off buying then.



I love FTL as well, it’s just that for the life of mine I can’t ever manage to power up enough the ship for the final encounter…