Battletech (May contain spoilers)

So post your thoughts / questions / experiences

I am 566 days (in game) into my Career.

I am starting to get together a lance of medium mechs + my first heavy 60t, but still very very early in game with what you can do.

The Argo is also coming along nicely but fitting her out and managing the monthly costs my not be mutually beneficial. New hands have had to be hired as some nicely skilled mechwarriors were KIA’d. Sadly though, the female MechWarrior with the really annoying voice is still with me and I am wondering why the others haven’t stuck a ppc in her back. I can’t afford to loose her for skills and I don’t want the cost of rebuilding her mech if I send her on a suicide mission. Maybe fate will help me.

Here is my situation at the moment.
The Argo in orbit of Apian after completing a contract

Here I have unlocked the 2nd row of mechbays. This is a two edged sword. Repairing mechs not only cost money, they can take a long time to repair depending on damage or refitting. Its good to have mechs in reserve to use to keep the money coming in, but keeping the mechbays open costs more money.
Here you can see my current assortment of mechs. My main mechs are all repaired on the top shelf and I have 3 undergoing fitting on the middle shelf. At the moment I have no need and therefore not unlocked the third level of mechbays.

And here in the mechbay you can also refit your mechs to however you desire.

My present position on the star map is Apion. You can see the bordering factions and other systems I can travel to. ON the star map you can see a contract marked that has agreed to pay for my transport costs. This is very handy as travel in game takes a long time and costs of running this lance cost me a lot each month. Travelling to a system usually costs 30,000 credits using the jump ships, so having someone pay that for you is a bonus.

Below is the contract list available at Apion. The very first contract at the top of the list is story line mission objective that, once available, you can take at any time you choose. Contracts that pay for your travel have a little planet symbol with a triangle.

The difficulty of the missions are “GENERALLY” shown by the number of skulls against the missions. Currently Apion is offering all “2 skull” level missions. That suits me fine. Maybe I will taking a 2.5 skull mission but I think that will be my limit for the while. A downside to this is that lower level missions offer lower rewards. Therefore at the moment I always have my balance sheet in the back of my mind.

If you do decide to accept a contract, there is a great mechanic to choose from as seen below. Every battle has salvage, salvage that you want or even need. You have two sliders of payment and salvage. Payment is straight forward as that is the amount you will receive excluding any mission objective bonuses. The salvage number is how many items you get first pick of out of all the salvage that is available at the end of a mission. This could be anything from heatsinks to actual battle mech frames to which you can rebuild a battlemech. After you have chosen your allocated slots of wanted salvage, you will be granted a random share of the remaining loot.

So you can play with these sliders to ask for what you need. If you have plenty of money, you can push the salvage slider to the right to ask for first dibbs on more salvage and receive less money as a consequence or vice-versa.

Here is My MechWarrior list. Not sure how my pretty face ended up with blue hair (I guess beers were involved) and you can see their RPG stats and perks gained through experience. I have hired a few extra mechwarriors to account for injuries and their associated down time. Also I am trying to have enough mechwarriors to leave my main character out of battle. As I believe if he dies, the game is over.

The Argo when you first get it (its a story line secret that is not so secret) is a right bucket when you get it. So here it is from the engineering department and the upgrades I have and I still have to get. These cost money and time to get and also cost money to maintain. So expand at the ability of your budget !

Below you can see my balance sheet which scrolls further down. My current TOTAL running costs are around 360,000 credits. You may be thinking, “Well Bogus me old mate, I can see almost 2 million in your bank.”
That is true, but considering travel can to a NEARBY system can easily take a month, repairing badly damaged mechs can take 2 months and I have had pilots out of action for over 3 months. Then consider travel costs, repair costs on top of my normal monthly outgoings and you can easily find yourself out of money real quick.

But all is well. A few dead but I am slowly expanding. My reputation is increasing and the Argo is slowly being upgraded. I need to get more powerful mechs and then … well who knows… either victory or defeat and I know which one I want.


I love how the whole battletech franchise uses the MWO assets now, especially since they are top notch visually speaking!

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I have to say, they look good in game. MWO assets and redrawing of some of the “unseen” is indeed lovely.

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Oh, there will be so many angry battles and so many reloads of saves!

But I’m enjoying it!

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Appion Mission AAR (Unsanctioned weapons manufacture - time to give them the cease and desist letter - MECH STYLE )


We have accepted a contract for Appion where a company is making unsanctioned weapons. Local governments have repeatedly asked them to stop to no avail. They have fortified their base of operations and there is a chance of enemy mech encounters. We must be wary on missions like these. Affiliations are nill to the contract provider and we cannot ascertain. The money is not good enough for a protracted fight. The intel provided better be right !

It is decided to take my favoured mechs. We load them into the leopard shuttle and set course for the planet surface just outside of sensor range of the facility.

Its quite a pretty area. Dense forest and rugged terrain. The forest offers a cover bonus and some of the terrain offers a movement penalty. Best avoid the latter.

Looking from behind we see my lance’s rear and the target in the distance.

Looking around I see an area that may provide good defilade and flank protection being at the top of a ridge. I have a game plan to mind and so I sprint my mechs forward to here which will become my staging area.

As my first mech reaches its destination our sensors ring out with blips of contacts. Two red splodges indicates two enemy contacts. The splodges look like a mech shape which designates them as enemy mechs. The sensors know there are at least two of them and where they are, but cannot tell us what type and weight the mech is.

Wanting to group the lance up I sprint all mechs to the cover. Jump jets make for easy obstacle avoidance. Also with jump jets we can do… wait for it… DEATH FROM ABOVE muuuuahahahahaha.

Us sensing them, means they can sense us and before I get to place my plan into action one of the contacts srints into view. Its a spider, a scout mech. It doesn’t carry much weaponry but its used for forward arty support, and harrasement. As it bursts from cover, two of its medium lasers let loose on the closest friendly mech it can see. In the background you can also see the second contact. But too far to make out what it is.

My lance opens fire. First a PPC then a Large laser.

As the enemy is in within visual range, he ever so nicely spurts all my mechs position to the enemy forces. Shortly after which missiles from something somewhere start raining down on one of my mechs.

However, the spider made a crucial error and ran too close without backup. The rest of the lance gives everything they can including an alpha strike which hits home to finish it off.

Not finished with stupidity or maybe they have a cunning plan? Either way the second contact sprints into view and stands atop his fallen comrade and takes a pot shot at our team. Also at this time we see two more enemy contacts on radar. The enemy have our location pinned.

Again my lance in a 4v1 returns the pleasure and its here I discover their tactic. The spiders and sacrificing themselves to give our position away to the base defences which also open fire on the closest friendly mech.
We need to take it out and quickly !

My vindicator mech takes aim at the spider and here is where we balance firepower and heat. Its large laser and LRM’s have an ok chance to hit, but the remaining weapons do not. So to conserve heat for the next attack the 4 medium lasers and small lasers are deselected. Large laser to the face anyone ?

To be continued.


Looking at the movement phase for my next mech. I can see that the designation of the yellow box in movement mode mean that my mech can close the distance and engage in melee. Great when the other guy is smaller than you, but sucks the other way round. However, I am thinking this is his tactic. I can do serious damage in melee to a light if the hit connects. However, that will put me much closer to the bases defences which is already pounding my team. So I forgo the spider squishing and keep a distance. Unfortunately for the spider he is square in my sweetspot where most of my weapons will have a high chance of hitting.

Meanwhile the other enemy mechs are not engaging. They hold their distance letting the base defences whittle us down.

After the last scout spider is down, the enemy and I both engage in the same tactic. This tactic is one skill you really should invest one MechWarrior in and its called SENSOR lock. Basically a sensor lock means that any radar contact not revealed (which means you can’t shoot it) that is sensor locked becomes revealed at the expense of one turn from that friendly mech. So I use one mech to sensor lock “reveal” it and I have a missile boat and long range weapons that can now hit it when it can’t hit me. However, they are doing the same back and so the enemy base defences keep plinking away at me.

After I sensor lock him, he know he is toast and runs into combat range to try and damage us as best he can. He is a wolverine. No slouch considering my largest mech is 60 tonnes.

Here we can see heat management in action. The little red and amber bar in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The red section is my current heat. The amber section is the heat I will generate firing the selected weapons. The Tine vertical line in the middle is the amount of heat my mech can handle. As soon as you pass this you start taking damage internally everywhere, not advisable.

So I deselect the PPC which is a heat hog and the heat will be manageable for this attack. However the 3 medium lasers all miss their mark. Grrr

The wolverine is a tough little cookie for its weight. Him and our lance exchange a flurry of blows and my heavy mech lines up for a nasty alpha strike which takes off an arm and knocks him to the ground.

A knocked down mech is not out of the fight. But becomes a target of sever aggression. Attacking a knocked down target gives you hit bonuses (because it is stationary and prone). In addition to this you get a called shot to target individual sections of mech of your choice. My sensors indicate that his centre torso is down to structure only and damaged. You know what, his engine is in there too… That’s my target !!! As I have the heat to burn and all my hit percentages are good…its time to kick him while he’s down and unload a full alpha strike at his centre torso.

At this point a nasty shadowhawk in the 50-60 tonne category pops out of nowhere and tears armour of one mech. He grabbed our attention and now its time to say hello back. PPC anyone ?

Meanwhile my superbly situated Heavy mech is still sucking up all the aggression of the base. His armour is pretty torn up at this point and with another tit for tat the shadowhawk falls to leave only the base. The end of the shadowhawk means that the enemy base is no longer able to target me and the turrets turn silent.

I have no idea if any more enemy mechs reside in the area. But I now to a slow crawl in. Its a plan of scout forward, sensor lock a turret, hit it from range then move to the next. It will be rinse wash repeat of this tactic until I can enter the base and destroy two buildings which are the objective.

With turrets out of action its time to take some buildings. The destructible buildings are very nice.

So with a successful extraction the mission ended up like this. Money I earned.

Salvage that i had first dibs on. I took two mech chassis salvage

The rest of the salvage i was awarded.

One lightly damaged mech that can use repairs which takes one day and some money.

One pilot in med bay with an injury who will be out of action for 34 days… ouch.


I picked this up last week but have not have much opportunity to play it.

The first mission is aggravating. They don’t explain much of the interface and the writing/voice acting is … terrible. Very terrible. The interface is also fairly terrible - I can not find a way to skip the unnecessary camera zooms and panning to show me the ‘action’. Grah!

It also might be me, because although I had heard about Battletech in my youth (so many, many moons ago) I was never able to find out much about the game or even get my hands on materials. So from a non-Battletech player point of view a lot of the concepts are confusing and the ‘tutorial’ makes a bunch of assumptions that obviously missed their mark on this Battlemech-lite brain.

Don’t get me wrong though. My initial impressions might be negative but I have a feeling that this game will shape up with some more play and some patches from the developers. I am reading the AAR from @Bogusheadbox above and loving it!

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I almost jumped on it, but I’m glad I passed. This doesn’t look like my cup of tea. I know it’s xcom like, but there’s something that’s just not appealing to me.

@Fridge Yeah some of the voice acting is… lets just say out of place and not really befitting of the scene. However looking past that, the story line does get more engaging. I had no idea of the Argo and the extra game play there (sorry spoiler).

I guess you are right with the assumptions of what MechWarrior and its workings are. To be honest it follows the pen and paper game fairly well, and so i know it and can associate with it (aside from the voice acting).

The way the game works is i think the first 2 or 3 missions are story line / tutorial. You need to complete these to get to the “better” and open game play.

If you need any help on what to do just give me a shout.


Hurry up and get to the part where you start carpet bombing robots with your F-111.


Now we’re talkin!


I found these two guides extremely helpful and highly recommended →

General overview and Tips -

Combat tactics by the guy who won the PvP tournament -


Great work @Bogusheadbox!

@Fridge. Good news on your camera view issue. @RedBravo65 was chatting with me last night about it, so i looked into the settings to see what can be done. There is quite a lot of camera settings in there and it appears you can either turn them down or up or turn them off completely.

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Ongoing report of Bogusheadbox’s Marauders.

After the last AAR, I undertook another mission on Appion. it was a hunt and destroy enemy convoy. The convoy itself was heavily armoured vehicles protected by a lance of mechs. Both capable of inflicting heavy damage.

Whilst the mission was completed, it took its toll. Unfortunately no screens from that mission. I lost one wolverine mech. One MechWarrior KIA and two more mechwarriors in medbay healing wounds. The payout was ok, but salvage not that great.

So with 4 mechwarriors out of action, the longest for 34 days still. A newbie to train plus 4 mechs out of action for a week. Its decided to use the down time to travel to another system.

I have chosen Rockwellawan, bio included in picture below. Travel time is 24 days and that should get all mechs and most mechwarriors back into action.

Argo leaving Appion orbit

Enroute, its pay day the bank balance takes a hit. You can opt to pay more or less to the staff which affects their moral depending on your financial ability. I decided to keep them on a standard wage this month.

Whilst in transit to the jump ship, the last upgrade to the Argo has completed. I have enough money so I request the engineering team to upgrade the power conduits to the next level.

Approaching the jump ship and docking

Approaching Rockwellawan and entering stable orbit

Contracts not the best, but if I can do all 3 bottom missions without too much damage then that should help the bank balance.


First mission on Rockwellawan. Pirates are raiding and destroying locals. Its a simple order, kill all pirates and take no prisoners. Will do !

Its not a high paying job, expecting resistance to be light, but you never can be sure. My mech choices for today are…

Landing on the planet surface, its another lush world. Its also very hilly favouring manoeuvrable mechs. Its also going to favour, if I can, my current tactic of sensor lock and hit them at ranges they can’t hit me.

I spot a small lake in a recession which should provide ample line of sight cover. I sprint my mechs for this spot and upon reaching, we gain contact with the enemy. 3 contacts are detected and we know they can detect us. Time to get plan A into action. With the mutual detection, the enemy with blinding speed advances toward us.

Under sensor lock I manage to get a full volley of missiles off at the first target. Approx 50% hit their mark. Then bursting into visual range a Locust appears blazing what weapons it has. This explains the speed, a light mech designed for scouting and harassing. I wonder if his eyes filled with disappointment when he realised what he faced?

Another volley of missiles befalls the Locust as the rest of the team unleashed their fury. I don’t think he had time to really consider his decision.

I guess before he could warn his mates, the second mech enters visual range and lets loose with a large laser. Though a light mech, the commando is expceptional at hit and run with fast speed and long range hitting ability.

But before we could say BOO!, the lance changes to target the Commando which disintegrates under the onslaught.

All eyes turn back to the locust and it fares no better.

Its all happened so quick. The third contact, another commando, at this point runs into visual contact. I really can’t think what went through his mind when he saw us and then saw his two comrades in bits on the ground.

Before his underpants even became dirty, it was time to have fun. My wolverine was tasked to provide a physical encounter to show our greetings. A handy backslap if you will.

To which the adjacent shadowhawk let loose his weapons at close range to quickly end it.

It was a very easy encounter. But I guess that will justify the amount of money and the poor salvage I will receive.

Whilst it was an easy mission, one of the light enemy light mechs did injur a MechWarrior pilot of mine. Down time for him is 17 days and I still have over a week down time for a previous MechWarrior.

Upon reflection these small skirmishes may not be a great idea. Whilst not really a problem for the ability of my mechs, the injuries sustained by my pilots may cost me more in the long run.

Should I continue to finish the contracts here or abandon the planet and look for more elsewhere ?


Hold fast, build a solid reputation, watch the money flow in.
(If a reputation system is indeed in place, that is)

Well there is a reputation system with the main factions, but I am not sure I have noticed the effects of it yet.

Right-e-o I will hit up the rest of the contracts here.

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From El commandante, otherwise known as @komemiute His order was to stay on the planet and complete the contracts.

So opting for the next easiest mission, a “one skull” difficulty, its time to look at what is required.

I am leaving the payment/salvage sliders at normal for this mission.

Running out of mechwarriors I have to place myself in a mech and do some dirty work. For me, its my only heavy mech to help me get through the mission. Though expecting opposition to be weak, I still cannot afford any more injuries.

So the mission begins.

on deployment moving forward, I run into contact with the enemy sooner than expected. Out of the whirling dust comes a vindicator mech. Its a class of 45 tonnes. Whilst not that heavy it can pack a punch as well as take a bit of a beating. Currently I am running one in my lance as I like its capabilities.

Though its a competent mech, it is totally outmatched as one by one, my lance unloads what they can into it.

The vindicator is doing a sterling job soaking up the damage and is soon joined by a spider scout mech that leaps into action.

Its still no contest and my heavy mech manoeuvers to align for an alpha strike on the vindicator which destroys and arm and knocks it to the ground. Its, like before, put out of misery with a well placed centre torso shot.

The spider is all that is left and comes under fire and is despatched. without much troubles.

My rewards for the effort.

Upon reflection, the last two missions have only just barely covered the cost of my time here. That leaves the last mission to hopefully cover the costs of moving on elsewhere.



*Hope all goes well intensifies *