DCS F-14 Tomcat Launch Impressions MEGATHREAD


I got take off and landing OK. For carrier ops you have to set a key for catapult release. So quick to 33000 AGL and doesn’t need much trim once level. Could not release my stores so I need to RTFM
Off for pizza with friends soon so have to fly later have a ball guys :sunglasses:


Air refueling is fun. There’s a decent amount of buffeting off the wing tip of the KC-135. Going to take a while to get this down, especially with the Jester commentary (‘Let’s try that again…’). I got on the basket but really need to tune my axis up from defaults. The throttle seems really responsive, and the spool speed great.

Enormous fun.


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:left_speech_bubble: This is what I call a target-rich environment. — Maverick


Haven’t tried it yet, but I read there’s a walkman in the Tomcat, left-shift + M.


I thought that would be for the Iron Eagle Block 50 we’re getting later.


Great idea!


I think that’s the song you play after your first landing…


Anyone have a Bill Murray crew chief mod?


Quick stupid question. Is the 14 only available in DCS world open beta?




Son of a tomcat…guess I need to download the open beta. Damn. Anyway to go from normal to beta with out a huge redownload?


I recommend @SkateZilla’s tool, but there is also a command line way to do it.
…we have it here… somewhere…



I saw the keybindings for it. You can fast forward and rewind :+1:


Excellent news gentlemen. I have seen the thread about his updater I’ll give it a go when I get home.

Thank you!



Anyone will be up and flying in the next few hours?


I will be in the next 2hrs. For the next ten hours or so.


Home in two hours. Flying in… maybe four if I behave myself?