DCS F/A-18C New Feature Poll

PLEASE vote in the poll, I wont be monitoring this thread too much, so if you want your voice heard, follow the link!

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Hey everyone. Take a look at the poll on the ED Forums page and cast your vote for favourite new feature!

Please vote and help ED understand our desire for features :slight_smile:

It’s tough to choose one from the many but I voted for the Data Link :slight_smile:

EDIT: Put this in it’s own thread to try and encourage some views. I am shameless.

Its a tough list to choose from, I am not sure what I want most :slight_smile:

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HARM got my vote, but there are so many shiny items to choose from in that list. :sunglasses:


HARM is my number 1. Thankfully I don’t have to choose a #2 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m rather disconcerted that finishing the A/A radar is even an option. I would have imagined that would be priority #1 before starting down any of the other systems.

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The poll is to ask you what you are most eager to have. Doesnt mean it will dictate the order they are developed, development of all these systems is complex. And development is fluid and ever changing based on complexity and unforeseen challenges.


Thank you, that’s reassuring :slight_smile:

None of the above. I want Napalm. Or fuel air bombs.


ATFLIR - so my opponents can post awesome footage like this of me going down in flames…


I voted for HARM, just because many of those poll options rely on the other options to be effective.

For instance, it’d be tough to get really excited for LGB or JDAM without a working ATFLIR and we still don’t have the ability to input MGRS versus Lat/Long.

We don’t need anything new for HARM other than the DDI page and the weapon itself. With one addition, the Hornet gets a major capability not available to many player controlled aircraft in DCS.


We have pretty accurate CCIP, so A2A radar to be able to fight to the target, IMO.

Hmm… Dynamic Campaign Engine wasn’t an option…

Allow me to POUND…THE GROUND!!! A/G


By that metric, you can’t really beat 10x Mk-83s. You’ve peaked, it’s only pounding less ground more accurately from here on out.

I voted Link-16. I want my SA to be pristine and divine; the envy of Flankers every where.

Doesn’t really have anything to do with the F-18C systems. Nice to have, yes.

And I bet you want a super bug to go with that, ungrateful plebeian!


You’re not wrong, but that doesn’t make me happy about it, haha.

I picked HARM.

I hope that the implementation of HARM will also involve an update to the AI to allow targeted radars to shut down and evade shots. I would be severely disappointment if HARM would be modeled as one-shot-one-kill weapon, while operationally the missile had a hit percentage in the single-digit range.

I have written a script to simulate radars evading ARM shots, but it’s ugly as it requires to de-spawn missiles when a radar shuts down (otherwise ARM in DCS continue to strike targets). I hope that AI reaction to ARM gets properly implemented to the base game to do the HARM justice.

Good stuff on the list.
I am most eager to have a ground radar working so I picked that.