GOTHQ Get Out The Hangar Queens A-10C Warthog


I have been out of playing DCS since the GOTHQ Get Out The Hangar Queens Mi-8 HiP and GOTHQ Get Out The Hangar Queens AJS-37 Viggen - #235 by Cib and I need to get back into it. You’d think that with the pandemic raging I would have found a lot of additional time for flight simming, but instead it has been the opposite.

So. I feel like I need to get back to basics and go back to where it all began for me and DCS: The A-10C. Well, technically it would have been the A-10A or the Ka-50 but I am going gloss over all of that. Who cares about the details, right? :slight_smile:

Plus, this gives me an reason to try out both the old and new A-10C and maybe even start with the A-10A? I don’t know. I may not go that far back.

EDIT: I am also going to do the Full VR Monty with this. That’s a joke on the Full Monty movie but that may not be funny to anyone else. So instead, I will pivot to it being a reference to Smurfs Monty the Vulture… because why not.


Too bad DCS doesn’t do decals like MSFS does.


I have ZERO experience of the A10a A10c and A10c mk2. I own all of them.
I would very much enjoy making this our GOTHQ aircraft and learning it!!

Great idea @Fridge


Its official then A-10s are the GOTHQ for Jan 2021.


Anyone with any relevant reading material?

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And the Hog goes BRRRRRT.

I like this idea.

@Fridge: Thanks for the initial move. GOTHQ is a great concept :slight_smile:

@Victork2: Obivous starting point for me is Chuck’s Guide and the DCS Manual (that alone will keep me busy the whole month). I can also recommend Ralfidude’s Youtube channel and his short series on the Tankkiller Module.


I have remained more or less current on the hog, but I’ll be happy to join and advise.

Friday night fight club hog on hog action!


I definitely won’t be combat capable by fight night

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The DCS manual for the A-10C has always been excellent, I’ve never really needed much else.


A DCS A-10C Veteran :salute:


I won’t partake in this one as I am still current on the A-10C at least weapons wise, although I may refresh on tanking and using the CDU.

The SADL datalink also is most fun in MP where one player can send out targets to others as if he were like the AI JTAC.

As for night flying, I encourage you all to play around with the technique I describe in the post I’ll link below. It’s a bit obscure and tactically doesn’t make much sense when there are better weapons and methods - but it will get you familiar with some of the extra features of the A-10C that makes the DCS detail level shine.


So you want a personalized skin, yes? HMU, I’m free at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok. Few ideas for the skin @komemiute

Pumbaa from lion King. With the signatures of us all on the underside

The snake that the priest turns into on aladdin (jafar?)

Or just to really REALLY upset everyone. Do it in a Navy skin like the blue angels or the Goshawk red and white trainer colours

Also please ask my kids to watch anything else but the Disney plus collection. I’m done.


Real hogs are green, so the base must be the euro one camouflage. Of course the mudspike bomb on the nacelle, and a badass snout on the front.

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I haven’t touched the “old” A-10C since the 2 came out. I just can’t live without HMS and laser rockets!


I was thinking to do something straightforward like the vulture on the nose.
Or I can make two? @Fridge 's Vulture and your Pumbaa and the names on the tail rudders?

Look, I’m not promising anything but a skin for the 'Hawg in that style but with “Overdue Angels” ?

You know… overdue since the 'Hawg is slow? Eh?


Chubby angels

I am ok with anything really. I am easy to please. You can be as creative as you like. I fondly remember the ‘Yellow Submarine’ Hip :slight_smile:


Really?! :slight_smile:
I’m actually quite glad to hear that!

I somehow believed it was sort of a dud, wasn’t sure many liked it- :yum:
Such is the life of the artist, full of uncertainty!
But boy I’m glad to read that! :smiley:

Thank you so very much!


I can think of a few things.

Ralfidude’s videos are great. He knows his stuff.

Of course, there’s also this little thing, recently updated for both the Legacy and the “Tank Killer” versions.


As I’m flying without a HOTAS, I’ll be working with the A model. Which honestly if they’d update it a bit would be an outstanding model for Cold War era scenarios.