IL-2 Great Battles Videos (2024)

Furball over Bonninghardt

Video Source

Video was taken from the Group Session of January 14, 2024. The Mission was flown on the Rheinland map.
Rheinland map @ IL-2 Mission Planner (Revived):

Several of us were engaged with Bf-109’s and Fw-190s over and near the city of Bonninghardt in Grid 1421. As for my success during the mission let me sum it up by saying “Sometimes you are the windshield other times you are the bug”…

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Just copying over what I wrote on discord as maybe some of you might be interested

cleaned it up a bit and corrected a few things:

Funny thing reading the name of that area and the village of the same name here. It’s only a few kilometers north of were I live…

Shame the map looks so empty. The large Forest on the southern Bönninghardt (called “die Leucht”) and of course the Rhine are the only recognizable features in the video and only because die Leucht has a major road going through it. The village of Bönninghardt doesn’t appear to even be on the map. There are lots of small towns and villages missing, and of course none of the many farms in the area are represented, some centuries old.

The Bönninghardt is a terminal moraine from the last ice age with a maximum elevation of 46m and then there’s the village of Bönninghardt which belongs to the municipality of Alpen. Funnily enough the town of Alpen appears to be labelled Bönninghardt in IL2. Note that in reality there never was a town of that name, only early settlements of very poor people in the area of the Bönninghardt during the late 17th and 18th century and then later a village of the same name just west of Alpen. In the early 19th century under French rule it became part of Alpen which, as I mentioned, appears to be labelled as Bönninghardt here. About 5km south of Alpen should be the much larger town of Rheinberg and then about 10km further south, just north of Krefeld should be the town of Moers (my home town).

A bit further north on the left bank of the Rhine, north west of Wesel should be Xanten, a beautiful medieval town with roots in Roman times (Colonia Ulpia Traiana is the name of the Roman settlement) featuring a ridiculously large Cathedral for a small town like this.

I would love a DCS WWII map of the area. If done to the same standard and quality as Normandy 2 it would be amazing :heart_eyes:

The airfield was named Bönninghardt and located in an area belonging to the town of Alpen, maybe that’s why the devs mislabelled Alpen as Bönninghardt.


Good information @Derbysieger. :+1:

I think your surmise regarding the town naming of Bonninghardt vs Alpen is quite likely.


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