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Been searching for a general discussion thread for Great battles and just couldn’t find one. Could have sworn there was one, but probably just my age showing up again!

Anyway, I have always been a ground pounder sort of virtual pilot, right since I started in 1985. I did some dogfighting in Combat Flight Sim 1 and 2, plus a little in IL-2 1946, but never considered myself any good at it, and never really enjoyed it.
With IL-2 GB that has all changed - and I suspect VR has a lot to do with it! I still don’t like it in modern aircraft particularly, or that much in Flying Circus or First Eagles, so I’m guessing it has to be WWII and VR. What a difference! :smiley:

Yesterday I jumped back in to GB with the La-7 (after doing one in the Hurricane II) and got stuck into a few 109E types before sending down their sheep (He-111s). It was awesome fun, I’ve not enjoyed myself so much virtual flying for months.

Thing is, i took a load of screenshots and for some reason now the quality of them is really dire. I reckon after my reinstall, or maybe after an update, the settings got changed somehow - and it’s not surprising the shots look garbage, when each eye image is 640x640 pixels.

I also started a UV-2 campaign and the shots in that are not even worth showing. I was mystified at the end. the first mission you have to fly a general out to a front line airbase (a very bumpy one!). I completed the mission, but after landing and parking I just couldn’t end the mission. Must be bug - the menu comes up (I didn’t get a “Mission Success” message) and I click on the “End Mission” option, but nothing happens. In the end I was going to force it closed, but it CTD.

Anyone else had that or know what I have to do to finish that mission?

Here are 3 of the best of the rubbish screenshots!



There is this thread:

What we need is an “…Updates 2023”. I am no mod but I would say this post makes a good candidate.

As for your mission, I haven’t done a pre-made mission in years. But my recollection is that if I missed a waypoint, even by less than a tiny radius, it would never trip the “Success!” trigger.


I too, updated my Il-2:GB install and took the P-47 up for some train busting.
I see that the AAA has been made, more deadly. My poor Jug was turned into Swiss Cheese.
What I coulldn’t find were any Coop M/P servers. The list came up empty and only 2-3 Dogfight servers.
Has Il-2 died off?

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Flugpark (WWI) is very active on weekends especially. The WW2 servers are probably a little more active but that hasn’t been my thing in IL2 recently.

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I’ll have a look next time I start it up.

I also noticed the recently added physiological effects. I don’t think I’ve ever completely blacked or ‘redded’ out in IL-2, though things have gone a little dark once or twice for a couple of seconds. I always have breathing sounds turned off in sims where there’s and option cos I just don’t like it - but in my fights yesterday it certainly helped me to keep within the aircraft’s (or the pilot’s) limits.

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Because all users are required to join before the mission starts, coop has died off besides dedicated groups. My friends and I still do it, but we only start up the server after we all meet online and then everyone comes in over like 4 mins and then the mission starts and no one else can join till we’re done.
Also, no respawning in coop. so if you die at the start of a longer mission it can suck.

Interestingly enough, DCS MP is basically the same as Il-2 dogfight MP. Join anytime, respawn, lots of slots for humans but ones not taken do NOT show up AI-flown. In Il-2 coop, any slots not taken by players still spawn as AI.


Yeah, it’s basically a one pass procedure if you want to RTB.

Hey fellas,
Im trying to put skins in il2 but they dont show. Mods and skins are turned on. I tried putting them in il2 graphics / planes and in planes/ textures but they dont show.
Anyone have a clue?

Thanks all

And anyone would think that is where they should go…
They actually go in here in the Skins folder: data\graphics\Skins(plane/vehicle folder)

IIRC just adding skins should not require you to enable mods to view them in game if they are in the correct folder. If you want someone else to see them in multi player they must have the skin in the correct skins folder in their build too.


Thank You so much. Maybe i can stop pulling my hair out now lol