IL-2 Great Battles updates 2020

I just installed the latest update (4.502) and I have made the following observations.
Performance has taken a hit. I have only tried VR and while I previously have been able to maintain 80FPS it now dips into 40FPS ASW regularly. There’s also some sound popping that I haven’t heard before…
Anybody else with similar experiences?

huh. Performance on my end is great, mayhaps even better than before. flew most of my flight at 90fps. The new G is pretty dang good, remains playable and controllable until suddenly you black out if you don’t heed the warnings.

Have you 'caned some jerries yet? It’s awesome. Both the .303 paint strippers or the Berezina Shvak Cyka Blyat combo are fun, but most fun is the hispano quad. Pop goes the weasel goes the weasel goes POP!

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Yeah, I like it so far. I exhausted my pilot and he was weezing and panting hard, after a fight. :slight_smile:

What headset are you using? I have a Rift S and I use the OpenComposite tool.
Performance was great, before this update…

I’m still on my old rift CV1. Use the default stuff, steamVR and oculus thinger. Still on a 1070 too. I bought and paid for replacements but they just aren’t delivering just yet :frowning:

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Ok, thanks. Going to test some options tomorrow.

I opened Open Composite and got an update announcement. Switched to Steam VR which set the graphics to below native Rift S resolution. Looked like crap but ran steady at 80 FPS. Changed Steam VR resolution to Auto, which set the resolution to over native resolution. Looked great but ran like crap. Ran Open Composite again and switched back to Oculus renderer and all was well again. Steady 80 FPS and native resolution…
Note. I had forgotten about those annoying flickering loading screens, when running Steam VR. When using the Oculus renderer everything is smooth… Can’t understand why.

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I need to get that opencomposite thing sorted then, because those loading screens are spasm inducing indeed.

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Easy peasy!
Download and run the file. Hit configure and select the IL-2 exe. Hit switch to oculus.

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The new fatigue and G effect simulation is pretty cool…
My virtual pilot does not like negative G, at all! He’s a lot like me in that way :wink:
He gets fatigued quickly if I shift between positive and negative load. When fatigue sets in, greyout and blackout occurs earlier and faster, than if he’s rested.
I set up a Spit9 vs a 109 and we kept going at eachother until we both were floating around like two old ladies. Good to see the AI gets worn out too.
I like this feature! It adds a dimension.

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Dear Friends,

We know that the Battle of Normandy pre-order customers are eagerly waiting for its planes to arrive. It’s understandable, but in spite of our team keeping the development rate at a very high level, creating an aircraft with the fidelity worthy of our simulation from scratch is very time consuming and labor intensive. The main bulk of the Normandy planes list will arrive next year. However, some of the planes that are based on the previous ones will arrive sooner.

We have already released the P-47D-22 ‘Razorback’ and as soon as next week another one will arrive - the German Bf 109 G-6 Late fighter with an enlarged tail and additional modifications which are characteristic for the year 1944. This includes the MW-50 water-methanol injection system and an improved cockpit canopy - the ‘Erla Haube’. Being part of the 109 family, this fighter also has very good flying characteristics and powerful weaponry. The MW-50 allows increasing the power near the deck from 1480 to 1800 HP, increasing the maximum speed from 528 to 573 km/h. Of course, the engine power increase also improves the turn radius and climb rate which are invaluable in a dogfight. This late G-6 variant could also carry the WGR.21 heavy unguided rockets in jettisonable underwing launchers.




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