Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



Yep, good point - I don’t know, I guess it probably has gone up again now. There seems to be quite a few people still waiting on backorder.


$500 smackers at Samsung.com.

Question, is there a way to activate the flashlight mode without using the hand controllers?


Good info. I took a break on evaluating mine while I wrap up another project…but I’ll be diving back into it tomorrow I think.


You can say ‘flashlight on’ to Cortana and she’ll switch them on/off I believe.

The WMR mouse and speech support is pretty good:



At last, a good use for Cortana :grin: “Cortana, warp factor 10!”


Hi again, please share your latest tipis for settings in steam vr etc… :smile:


A bit of a wide question :slight_smile: but here’s some links of stuff I think helps:

Some explanation of terms in here:

Found this really useful to ‘tune’ games to be either CPU or GPU limited (as in, if I have GPU headroom then you can add super sampling sometimes):

One thing that I often get wrong is the placebo effect of thinking that SteamVR motion reprojection actually works on WMR and the Samsung - it doesn’t, it’s ignored, and I just think I just prefer running at 45 fps with no reprojection a lot of the time.

For WMR to renable something equivilent to ASW you have to alter a config file in the WMR for SteamVR beta, as in here:

It seems some people really like setting:

  "motionReprojectionMode" : "motionvector",
  "motionReprojectionTemporalEnabled" : true,

…which locks frames at 45 fps but gives an overall smoother reprojection if you aren’t hitting 90 (or can’t stand seeing it below 90). I still need to fiddle around with this, as first go in something like DCS caused lots of artifacts, but then I also read you need to be getting about 60 fps reliably for it to work best. There’s a lot more info on the state of these features here - https://steamcommunity.com/app/719950/allnews/


It’s not for everyone. I was actually relieved to return to the Rift. The screen door didn’t bother me upon going back to it. For me, the Rift’s clarity and wide focus zone more than compensated for its noticeable SDE and lower pixel density. I look over my shoulder a lot. The O+ had this big blurry area in the periphery that I was unable to overcome or ignore. I could have dialed it in a bit more with time but I am certain that I would never have been completely happy. I see the two as parallel products and not as one from a previous generation being improved by a later product.


I just had my first go at it. Got it in the mail last night. I think its not perfect but I liked it over the Rift. I need to dial it in as I just got it. I think in time I will come to like it more and possibly replace the Rift. I am going to use it exclusively for a bit. I had about an hour with it today. IMO it was worth the investment.
@smokinhole, Im sorry that it did not work out for you buddy, but that is your opinion and I can respect that. I even agree that its not perfect but I will continue to explore it for now.


Oh no It’s all good. I should have kept my mouth shut. Ever since the announcement awhile back of the Oculus founder leaving FaceBook in frustration, there has been a obvious movement to the O+. The pressure is there for current users to migrate over since the Samsung is superior. I just wanted to be a countervailing voice to current Rift users that switching may not be worth the expense. The old girl still has her charms so to speak. SDE has turned more than a few people away from VR. If the O+ can bring those people into the Matrix, I am a fan even if I am not a user.


I’m glad you spoke out :slightly_smiling_face:. For someone looking to get into VR early next year, this conversation is very valuable!




It’s not a cult @smokinhole - you don’t have to like it. :slight_smile: Whether something works for you or not is what a forum is for, and it’s meant to be subjective and opinion based.

These are corporations who want us to buy stuff, not teams we support.

If people like the Samsung for the resolution then I don’t think it is about anti-Facebook or anything. I mean, I guess perhaps for some but I personally don’t care.

We also have to remember that a good chunk of flight simmers have rejected VR as it is right now. While a (really vocal) minority use VR, I still think it is a minority. Others may see VR as a complete waste of money and something interesting but still at least 3+ years away. For some, a big TV and trackIR is far far superior, as is a physical pit. It is not up to us to ‘prove them wrong’ or convert people over. The way I see it, people like different things and all we can do is say what works for us. A lot of these threads aren’t meant as ‘Buy This!’ but more ‘I am enjoying myself and want to share that’.

No-one cares (or should care) just because someone likes something or not. They are toys. :vr:

We set up stuff like the #vr tag and specific topics so if people don’t want to see stuff they can block it or at least opt-out and ignore. It’s more fun to share the fun of using something you enjoy rather than too much make the case against why that person is wrong to have that fun. Hopefully we get the balance right here on our forums.


Wait, what?
So I didn’t have to drink the Koolaid??? :smiley:


And on that note let me say; I use my big tv for xplane. It looks amazing.
Everyone is encouraged to their opinion here. That’s why I like hanging around.
By the way fearlessfrog, what settings and where did you change on the O+ to use w DCS? Please explain this. I’m using it stock.


I just leave the settings the same between Rift and Odyssey, with the Pixel Density set to 1.5 and SteamVR just left at 96% - sort of explained why here :slight_smile: fpsVR

Here’s my DCS settings - Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

For X-Plane, I just plain SteamVR 160% it and use the excellent 3jFPS util to manage frames. At CYVR with some traffic in the 737-800X I’m about 30 FPS, with more comfy frames at height - X-Plane 3jFPS Wizard for VR


Thanks a bunch guy. I got to dial back to 96% and try that out. BoS was playing at 89 to 90 fps for me today. I’ll report back on DCS later.


I didn’t think the move was anti-FB. Just maybe a logical fear that FaceBook had given up on further upgrades anytime in the forseable future. Thus all need for brand loyalty evaporated. That’s how I felt anyway.


I’m on a EVGA 1080 water cooled card w a i7 8700k. It has 16gig of DDR4. I am getting good frames. Seems to stay at 89-90. I’m not entirely sure how to edit the file that turns on and off reprojection. I tried editing the file but no change. Should I bother?
The bad. It’s a bit blurry. The fit is going to take some getting used to. Cant see jack out the nose piece.
The good. Colors look good. It’s an improvement in some respect over the Rift, but a small improvement. No more needing 3x usb 3.0. I can pick out targets further away. This is due to the contrast and no SDE.


why 96 % ? Steam vr setting wont effect to dcs ? Why to put it undersampling ?? Just trying to understand :slight_smile: