VPC MT-50CM2 & WarBRD Mudspike Review

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Congratulations on a very thorough review. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the past, when I have explored the Virpil site, it has shown much of their products as “out of stock”, so I just went on to something else. Today it is showing a restock on 27 September and everything ks listed as in stock. Has Virpil fixed their inventory issues?

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They seem to have a constant backlog, and they are releasing new designs all the time.
But as of recently, it is possible to pre-order and they will send it as soon as they have built it.

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I’m really in love with my T50CM2 base/TM Hornet stick combination. Getting a few more gun kills in IL2 GB it seems. Feels more like I am using a scalpel, rather than your grandpa’s rusty bayonet.


Thanks for a very good review.
hope you can do the same for their throttles.

can you show how did you connect the CM2 base to your rig?
I’m using a modular aluminium profile rig and wanted to know how this base cam be connected securely with its own mounting solution.


Hi @Cheetah and a warm welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

Here’s a link to my SimBox build, where you can see how I solved the mounting of my old VPC MT-50.
SimBox NG

If you scroll down you will find more pics.

I have recently made a new solution. I will post some pics of that later.

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First of all, thank you!
Second, that’s a great piece of rig you made for yourself there. I like your older black seat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
About the base adapter… I’m looking for something which doesn’t involve CNC, because it will be too expensive where I live.
On my older job I had more freedom to do things like you’re doing and also had the option to use profile accessories when I needed to. now this is not the case, so I’m designing with my wallet instead with my creativity :smile:

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There were no CNC involved in making the SimBox, or the adapter. :slight_smile:
Here’s my new and improved adapter.

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is it strong enough for this kind of stick?
and did you do a special mechanism for the ejection handle?


I did. Here’s the build thread.


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Welcome to MUDSPIKE Cheetah. I think that there are two options now. MonsterTech bracket to mount the T50CM2, and Virpil has one as well.

This was a great review @Troll I really enjoyed reading your views on a product I’ve been using over for a good long while but dont have the funds to purchase.

Fingers crossed for the competition I suppose :sunglasses:

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thanks @chipwich, but because I have an aluminium custom rig, the retail mounts won’t do me any good. I’ll have to design something and manufacture it myself in order to mount it to my rig.


That’s a beautiful rig you got there cheers! Love your choice of peripherals


The mark of a true flightsimmer! :wink:


I’ve added a shortish 50mm extension to my VPC/TM stick with outstanding results. It’s allowed me to removed the pitch and roll curves that I usually use in my controller setups, without loosing precision near the center point. The stick is so comfortable and the base so solid yet smooth, that I am doubtful I could have a better stick setup. Nearing stick nirvana at this point. Using the light springs and default cams.

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