What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


Oh, and READY PLAYER ONE is super uber cool.


“Sicario” is a classic. Have not seen the sequel.


Just watched ARGO. Bloody brilliant!
Loved the details like the grainy effect of the whole movie, how well cast were the people (beside Mr. Affleck), wow. All in all a solid 5/7. :wink:

Jokes aside a very very good movie. :smiley:
I consider it a better version of Spy Games.

Spoiler Alert!

The only part that made me cringe was the final chase down the runway… mah, would have worked just as well if it didn’t happen.


So I was listening to NPR this morning (Fresh Air with Terry Gross) and they were interviewing the creator of the Netflix series “FAUDA.” It is from the same guy I believe did the documentary “The GateKeepers.” It was a fascinating interview. I went and put this series into my Netflix Watch list and will start it this weekend.

Others might be interested as well.


Say what you want but sometimes you just want a good, simple movie to watch.
This is it.

I really loved it.

Plus It’s always nice to see Mr. Murphy acting like a real actor, and not just funny comedies.


The family and myself have been loving and enjoying the AVENGER series of movies, I personally love it.

The last one being Avengers: Infinity War and the new one Captain Marvel coming soon which will have some nice scenes we all might enjoy …

Tony Stark is the man :sunglasses:

First Man movie...

I normally don’t watch Australian movies because I hate reading subtitles. … what?!


This is not a film about people hunting our good Mudspike friend, @Troll. It is a Norwegian film, that takes place in the general area where @Troll resides / flies for real.

Incredibly funny.


It is! Some of Norways best comedy actors are in it, in small but important roles. And of course the Troll Hunter himself.
There are so many small details in the movie, that fits right in with the plot of some budding movie producers hot on the trail of the secret Norwegian government Troll Control department. A department that doesn’t exist, because Trolls doesn’t exist. Or… Do they? :wink:

Love that movie!


Watched an old one that went under my radar.

It was sadly entertaining, but really watchable and worthy.


September 14.

There sure are too many humans in this trailer ^^^


I’m rather meh on this one. Looks a bit too comedic for my taste in this franchise. I do enjoy seeing Key in movies (I LOVED Keanu), but I think I’ll wait for the first weekend reactions from friends before I see this one.


Last week I went with some pals to the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver to watch 2001 (nice to see it on a big screen again). The theater serves food and drink during the show. My wife wants to go there, so we are talking about Predator - prolly next week.


I will be going to one of the showings.



If you were thrilled by Fly Boys, Red Tails or Hurricane, then you will certainly will like “Air Strike” to be released soon watch the trailer.




nice, me likey :smiley:


We need a Pappy Boyington Biopic-


I like the original movie.
I am VERY careful with remakes. There are very few that are sufficient to me.


It’s not a remake, they are re-showing the original in theaters. :slight_smile: