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Mudspike QL (Quarantine League)

Weekend Rally #2: 3pm EDT Thursday - 3pm Monday

Location: New England

Car Class: H2 (FWD)

12 Stages: Longest duration repairs available stages 4,7,10
Short duration repairs available stages 3,6,9,12

Lots of us got our hands on the beasts that were Group B, now time to slow down a tad with H2 (FWD). Because the Weekend Rally is a longer time frame I’ll stick with 12 stages, but I added in some extra chances to repair to try and help get more folks to the end in one piece.

  • You only get 3 sets of tires per rally, choose where to change them wisely and whatever you do, don’t forget to actually change them.

Going forward I’ll drop the mid-week Fun Runs down to 6 stages, we had a big run on people joining with under 24 hours to go for this weeks one and unfortunately a course that was more repetitive than I realized when setting it up (I swear they are all actually different stages, somehow).

The Fun Runs are only running for 3 days so, dropping it down to 6 stages should be good to get people in and finished in one go with ease. As always, I’m up for suggestions for the Fun Run location and car class


Fun Run #2: 3:15pm EDT Monday - 3:15pm Thursday

Location: Catamarca Province – Argentina

Car Class: NR4/R4

6 Stages: Repairs available before stages 2,4,6

Since there were a few requests for less stages and the Fun Run is only over 3 days we will experiment with 6 stages this time out.


Alt/Additional Rally club DiRT Rally 2.0

Locations 12: Perth and Kinross, Ribadelles, Jamsa, Monte Carlo, Monaro, Baumholder, Hawkes Bay, Argolis, Varmland, Leczna County, New England, Powys

Stages: 12 each location

Car Class: R5

Each rally will run for 3 1/2 days, feel free to use these races to supplement your growing rally addiction.


Weekend Rally #3 : 3:30pm EDT Thursday - 3:30 pm Monday

Location: Baumholder (DLC)

Car Class: Rally GT

12 stages: Repairs at stage 3,5,7,9,11 (long) 12 (short)

After being pent up in the rock walls of Argentina it’s now time to let it fly. I could think of no better cars to torch the German asphalt with than the Rally GT cars. There is no rain in the forecast. There are Long Stops after every 2 stages and a bonus quick stop for the final stage. Let’s let it rip!


Fun Run #3: 3:45pm EDT Monday - 3:45pm Thursday

Location: Monaro - Australia
Car Class: H1 (FWD)

6 Stages: Repairs available before stages EVERY SINGLE STAGE

Slow cars and long repairs after every single stage. If you can’t make it to the end, maybe consider either letting off the gas or pressing that brake pedal thing that’s next to the pedal you don’t want to take your foot off of.

I don’t have much more to add other than the next weekend rally will be a “team” competition.


Weekend Rally #4 : 4:00pm EDT Thursday - 4:00 pm Monday

Location: Sweden (DLC)

Car Class: H2 (FWD)

12 stages: Repairs at stage?? probably everyone or at least close to it.

While we all mostly think of snow around X-Mas, chances are many of you are more likely to see a white Easter than X-mas. Let’s help the bunny lay some eggs all around in teams, VW vs Peugeot. I’ll announce team goals later today.


Fun Run #4: 4:15pm EDT Monday - Noon Thursday

Location: Spain
Car Class: Group A

6 Stages: Repairs available before stages EVERY SINGLE STAGE

Short stages, fast cars, occasionally wet roads. I have finally done a little math and should have these back on track to begin and end around Noon-ish EDT.

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Weekend Rally #5 : 12:15pm EDT Thursday - 12:15 pm Monday

Location: Powys (DLC)

Car Class: H3 (RWD)

12 stages: Repairs at everyone

You want RWD and some tight turns to glide around? You got it! No RWD is exactly more docile than the other, so let’s just go with the more iconic ones.


Mudspike Quarantine League Championship
*updated 4/20

Starting April 22nd @ 12:00 pm EDT

April 22 - 27
Finland / F2 Kit Car

April 27 - May 2
New England / 4WD up to 2000 cc

May 2 - 7
Greece / Group B (RWD)

May 7 - 12
Hawkes Bay / H2 (RWD)


New tour starting!


Thanks Mudcat! Might as well give us the toughest rallies up front :grin: When you are posting these, is there any way that you can also list the number of Services and the weather forecast?

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What should be the site of the Championship rally? (If needed, I will do a run off vote)

  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • New England
  • Wales

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