Mudspike WRC Club - Open Invitation & Discussion

Mudspike WRC Club

Greetings, you are invited to the Mudspike WRC Club!

What do I need and how do I join?

  1. WRC (EA Sports) is available on PC/Windows, Xbox series X and S, and Playstation 5. More information about WRC can be found here.

  2. A controller is all that you need to race. A fancy, expensive wheel and pedal setup is NOT required. In-game assists will be available! (Of course a wheel and pedal setup will add to the immersion and may improve your times. Your mileage will vary.)

  3. Sign up, log-in and join the Mudspike WRC club at

  1. In game, at the main menu, you will see a CLUBS tab. From there select the appropriate options to join the Mudspike Rally Club.

  2. Once we have enough drivers, we can proceed with mutual settings and rally locations.

Post race reports (and banter :grin: ) along with screenshots and videos are encouraged. Lets have fun and help each other improve our WRC experience.

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Awesome, joined! McBoggle is my nick there, they did not allow any form of TeTeT …

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Joined. I hope that EA adds VR soon as my driving rig doesn’t have a monitor at the moment :neutral_face:

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No idea how much time I’ll have for this, but I joined anyway just in case.

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I missed the dirt2 thread we had going on.

I’ll see if funds can materialise for this one! Nice one!


And so it begins…


sad season 5 GIF


we, on budget drivers, can resurect the Dirt Rally 2 league. it will be dirt cheap this autumn sale I would guess :slight_smile:

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I have it on x box. Wouldn’t mind doing this either @NEVO

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sounds like a plan :slight_smile: once the sale hit I will grab it.

then we can look into some league settings.

never did that before. Completed only few runs in Dirt Rally 1.


Oh heck, that’s one hell of a livery. Shame it’s a model car, but still super cool.

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That’s ok, I’m a model driver.


A short rally has been created as a our first “trial” Rally to iron out any settings.

Drivers registered as of this post:
@TeTeT @chipwich @JediMaster @weaponz248 @Magnum50 @saghen
Rally Japan
2 stages
(14 day/2 week deadline from today. Obviously, if we all finish before that, we can move to the next Rally with more stages.)

The duration of each Rally can be set from 1 day to 30 days. We all have lives, families, kids, jobs, etc. I was thinking anywhere from 3 to 5 days per STAGE. So a 4 stage Rally could be set to, say… 21 days… etc.

Let me know your thoughts: number of stages, duration of each rally, in-game settings, etc.


Suck on that boys! I’m on top of the leaderboard!

Of course, I’m the only one that did it yet… but FIRST! lol

That will change for sure to the bottom in due time.

I was trying to do smooth not fast, no mistakes but on the first stage I got one of those hiccups on a turn and slammed into a light pole, big damage.

So, on the 2nd stage I was trying to pick up for lost time and went off twice, occurring penalties. Dammit!


Oh well, what a start. I collected penalties left and right, including a blown tire on stage 2. Better luck for the rest of you!


First stage i got over confident. Had some issues.

Sexond stage was clean, i wasnt sure the car would make it though. But with all the body work i was missing i think it was faster.


Well, I completed the stages. The first stage I flew off the road when the road did a hairpin and I wasn’t listening to my pace notes. I lost 20 seconds in that incident and could never make it up.


Nice job everyone!

Wasn’t pretty but I got it through. Despite a few practices runs (time trial mode) on each stage, I cracked under pressure and had a few offs and took damage. :man_facepalming:
That first stage is crazy fast in the latter half. The second stage flows very well, yet you gotta be on your braking game during those blind turns otherwise you’re off in the weeds!

I think we’re waiting on one more to finish. I believe chipwich said he doesnt have a monitor at the moment? This was really just a trial run to check out the settings. I can abandon the championship before the deadline and we can dive right into a more complete schedule.

I plan on attempting this today. As long as life doesn’t happen, of course!

I’m wondering what the experience (fps) would be like driving in VR with the Oculus virtual desktop. Probably way too much latency to drive a rally car, but I’ll give it a try.